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I don't know who designs these security image checks where you pick a square if it contains the specified image, but I am pretty sure attention to detail and accuracy are not job requirements.

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I agree. Two types I've seen:

After you log on with your password, then you have to select your security picture. As if what? I don't have to write that down someplace? Now, I have to write down the picture description.

The other kind is "Select all images with a crosswalk." well, f*ck. Now, I'm doing a puzzle instead and, damn, if i haven't missed one or two several times.

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I've had to do those 3, 4, 5 times because, DAMMIT, THE LINE FOR THE CROSSWALK ***DOES*** EXTEND INTO THAT SQUARE!

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Basically, you're helping to train AI to recognize objects in images. Same thing with word type captchas. You're training AI to recognize words.

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I don’t know why it won’t accept this, it says “Check all boxes that contain a dishwasher”
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You missed her left hand.

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Really sucks on a cell phone.
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Washing dishes sucks. That's why I have a dog.

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