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When we lived in MD, we were in a community (Montgomery Village) whose HOA banned parking pickups or commercial vehicles outside, overnight. But police cruisers were allowed. So when my wife was working horse-mounted, she would on occasion bring home the beat-to-shit Chevy crew cab long bed dually that they used to haul their bumper pull horse trailers around to the county's parks. It had a light bar and department decals.
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Originally posted by egregore:
Is this your brand spanking new , shiny Toyota pick up ?

A Tundra with the four-door cab and a 6.5-foot (or whatever it is) bed is quite long. If its nose were not over the line, would its tail be sticking out in the traffic lane?

You cannot get a crew cab Tundra with the 6.5' bed. Just the 5.5'.
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Surrounding the offending vehicle with grocery carts wouldnt be a crime as far as I know, provided the carts didn't hit and damage the car...

Maybe the message would be received...


Originally posted by MNSIG:
Originally posted by g4tx:A valve stem core remover works great for just such an occasion...


As far as I know, bad parking in a store lot is not a crime, but vandalizing another person's property is. It is also a fine way to get into an altercation.

When I drive my long box/extended cab to the store, there is no way to not encroach on either a second parking space or the driving lane due to length. Obviously, I don't block the driving lane. OTOH: Knowing this, I will make it a point to park FAR away.

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A valve stem core remover works great for just such an occasion...

When I was 13, I was waiting on my Mom in her new Buick ('77) outside of Sears with the window down. Some dude pulled in on the right, opened his door and hit our right door HARD. Dented it next to the edge where the steel is folded over. That's tougher to do. I just sat there looking up at him like, 'what's next?' He screwed up his face, kind of grunted and shuffled off into Sears. Not a word spoken.
As I sat there a bit dumbfounded, I remembered she had just swung by the motorcycle shop long enough for me to run in and pick up a rear tire tube. You know the kind, with the valve stem remover molded in to the cap?

Luckily, my Mom came out sooner than dent boy. She said 'I wonder why that Cadillac is sitting like that?' I had taken both left side wheel valve stem cores and launched them across the lot. It sat down quite lot on that side, much more than I expected.

I still don't feel bad about that.

This is one of those stories that come out a few years later at Sunday family dinner. At least with my family that's how it usually worked.
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Holy necro thread Batman!!

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Help, I'm having premonitions of future flashbacks.

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I used it ( in link form) in a new thread, in the lounge and Jimbo Jones was not paying close enough attention when he responded. I was trying to see if a photo in the old thread could be used.

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