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..used to be easy. Someone would pick up the telephone and take your order, CC number, billing and mail address and be done in a matter of minutes.

No more. Toll free number sometimes doesn't work, or my call goes into voice mail and I play "telephone tag" for next few days with the other person or the order gets screwed up due to misinformation by both sides.

OR....I can place my order on the website and wait for someone to get around to doing their job. Then I must wait for a confirmation of my order, if it's indeed placed in the system.


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Is it even possible anymore? Seems like most everyone I deal with will only do business online with all the crap that entails. Then when it goes sideways you play merry hell trying to get it corrected. If you do get to talk to someone they can't speak English well enough for me to understand them.

Regards, Kent j

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A lot of online companies should take lessons from Amazon. They have it down to a science.



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