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Now in Florida
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I imagine you get the same emails I do from various political groups saying your donation will be matched by some multiple. The latest one said "To prepare for the battle ahead, ALL donations to help President Trump and House Conservative defeat Pelosi will be 5X MATCHED."

Who are these folks who are matching donations 3, 4 or 5 times? And if the organization has those ultra-wealthy donors waiting in the wings eager to write big checks, I'm sure they don't really need the $25 I was gonna send in.

I guess they work or they wouldn't keep doing them, but they are counterintuitive to me and make me less inclined to send money.
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I'm with you.

I think it's nothing but sales hype.

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If proven untrue, wouldn’t that violate some type of “Truth in Advertising” law? If such a thing exists? Yup...see those emails all the time as well.

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His Royal Hiney
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While I agree it is a marketing ploy, it really is true and they're working both sides.

They ask people to donate into a matching fund pot to help motivate more people to give.

Then they go ask people to donate so their funds can be "matched" or "multiplied."

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