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Originally posted by 2tonicP220:
It's funny what you see looking for a home. Some folks are absolutely above board, honest, and list everything they know on the disclosure.

We had a great experience on our prior home. The seller was a structural engineer. He took immaculate care of the house; in fact, he walked me through the house and showed me many things he tore our and redid better than the original build. He had also prepared a binder containing all the install dates, receipts, manuals, etc. for the major appliances.

I still hired an inspector, and he the only issue he found was a loose ductwork connection in the attic. I told him not to even put it on his report.


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I'll hear what their response is, and probably run. I may be done dealing with this area, overpriced and, sadly, filled with crooks. If you're not connected through family or someone you grew up with, you have a target on your back. It's a real, "You ain't from around here" attitude.
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I would go to and plug in the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, etc and look in the area of the map you are interested in living.
I have read that 80 percent of the houses are searched over the internet.

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