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His Royal Hiney
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Maybe have a standing appointment?

I had a problem getting a decent haircut in the military. Cut it wrong like too short and I would warrant getting a chit two days later. Found a civilian barber in Bremerton that cut my hair the right way. She was the only one.

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Originally posted by Edmond:
I've been cutting my own hair for the past 7 years. I cut it once a week because I do not like long hair.

A pair of clippers for $40 has saved me a lot of money those years.

And I cut it whenever I please.

Same thing here. Been cutting my own hair for probably 15 years.

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I decided to go full hippie. Haven’t had a haircut in over two years!
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Originally posted by dgshooter:
I decided to go full hippie. Haven’t had a haircut in over two years!

This has been my solution for about 5-6 years. I get one when I just can't take it anymore. Longest was 3.5 years. Friend's wife was pissy I had nicer hair than she did for a while.

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I had a dream /vision quest about your problem.

It seems that you are going to meet a 33 y.o. gal, while assisting her with a simple act of kindness ,you asked her about a place in town to get a hair cut.

It turns out that she has cut her fathers hair for 15 years and she offers to cut your hair,

she cuts her four kids hair and after looking in her car at the kids, you agree.

the out come is favorable , when I woke up you were checking your calendar to see where you would be in 3-4 weeks , just in case you wanted to look her up for another cut

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I've been getting my haircut by the same barber for the past 25 years. Every 3 weeks, Saturday morning at 6:30am. We've become very good friends.

He retires after Christmas and I am genuinely both sad and anxious. Cannot imagine I will ever find anything this perfect again.

All it all you got.
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Originally posted by kz1000:
I've been going to the same barber shop for so long, the barber retired & his son cuts my hair.

One barber shop I went to for a number of years, the original barber cut back his hours so most of the time the person who cut my hair was his daughter and I liked that well enough to make it a regular thing.

Then I moved and never found a barber shop I was happy with. And then the gray got so bad, I just started buzzing my own head. Been doing that about every other week for almost 10 years now.
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Originally posted by dgshooter:
I decided to go full hippie. Haven’t had a haircut in over two years!

I once did that. But my hair is course enough texture that when I grow it out for the first year or so, it doesn't so much get longer, as it gets *bigger*. Big wavy fro on a very white guy has, shall we say, specialized appeal but I was with one of the girls so described at the time, so I kept going.

After a year or so, my hair got long enough to collapse under its own weight and hang down. I could do things with it then, pull it back into a ponytail, let it out and look like one of the big haired 70s teen idols, etc.

Then after some additional life experiences I decided a few things. Long hair needs maintenance, more than its worth. And I like the kind of girls who like short hair more than the kind who like long hair. In fact in my dating experience, the length of hair on a man a girl likes is directly proportional to how dangerously crazy she is.

Since then, barber shops and then my own buzzer.

Good luck. Big Grin
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The place I go only takes appointments. It is fantastic no more waiting, show up about 5 minutes before my scheduled time, sit down and out in 20 ish minutes.
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Mine is freaking beautiful, I would make an appointment 6 months in advance and pay her 50 bucks. having her run her hands thru my hair after she washes it is sooo nice, plus the conversations are epic at times.
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A guy stuck his head into a barbershop and asked, "How long before I can get a haircut?" The barber looked around the shop full of customers and said, "About 2 hours."

The guy left.

A few days later, the same guy stuck his head in the door and asked, "How long before I can get a haircut?" The barber looked around at the shop and said, "About 3 hours."

The guy left.

A week later, the same guy stuck his head in the shop and asked, "How long before I can get a haircut?" The barber looked around the shop and said, "About an hour and a half."

The guy left.

The barber turned to his friend and said, "Hey, Bob, do me a favor, follow him and see where he goes. He keeps asking how long he has to wait for a haircut, but he never comes back."

A little while later, Bob returned to the shop, laughing hysterically.

The barber asked, "So, where does he go when he leaves?"

Bob looked up, wiped the tears from his eyes and said, "Your house!"
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Originally posted by bubbatime:
Finding a good barber shop can be a pain in the ass. When I moved to this town, I was looking. I walked into a "homeboy" barber shop, and the music stopped playing, and everyone stared at the white boy. That was my clue to keep looking. (I dont have dreads that need braided and I don't care to talk about the NBA playoffs) Luckily, I found a place I really like.

When I was younger (first job out of college) there was a barbershop near my house that seemed to have residents. Guys would come in and just hang out. I imagine it was a "homeboy" type place. I walked in for the first time one Saturday morning and sat down. The world didn't stop but it did slow down while everyone tried to figure out just what the hell I was doing. I looked around and asked, "Do I need to take a number?" and one guy got up out of his chair and said, "Come on over here, I got you." I sat down, got a great haircut, chatted the barber up, and stayed with him until I moved four years later.

I really enjoyed the atmosphere, it was one place that the guys would look at me in the middle of a story and say, "No offense" and I would laugh and say, "Sounds like that guy was an asshole. What are you trying to say?" then I'd get a few laughs.

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I am a man of simple tastes and I like my head buzzed short with just a little bristle and during the course of the day I will unconsciously reach up and run my palm over the stubble. However, try telling a stylist (or whatever they are called these days) that you just want a buzz without the guard. I got tired of arguing with them about just how short I wanted my hair so I went out and bought a set of clippers.

Now, every Sunday whether I need it or not I step out onto the back patio and buzz my own head by touch without a mirror. Most of the time it turns out pretty clean but every now and again I have to do a little touch up after checking myself in the mirror.

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took me 3 years to find a barber in Las Vegas, now I make an appointment with him the morning of.

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My wife does mine, it's what she does for a living. It's best not to ask for a haircut when she is in a bad mood!!!
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I use the walk in places. I usually go on a weekday before noon. I never really wait for a hair cut, but the quality is far from consistent. Once a month...$20 a cut.
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I use Sports Clips. They don't have traditional appointments, but you can use your smart phone or computer to put your place in line before you drive over (you can also select the person cutting your hair once you find one you like). It looks like they have them in Billings, Bozeman, Missoula, and Kalispell. They play sports or ESPN while they cut your hair.

All of my neighbors are going to a Texas only chain of men's salons that has most of the traditional barber offerings (hair cuts, beard trims, straight razor shaves) and serves beer in the waiting area. I haven't been because I am a little leery of a guys only place that also has manicures, pedicures, and eyebrow waxing on the menu.

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Thank you
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They have them here, might give them a try my old barber/stylist/hairdresser just isn't making the cut anymore...

They opened a Floyds 99 Barbershop and had 50% off, hit that place and the gal did a good job, only issue is no tv to watch, which is fine, it forces me to interact with her, have a conversation, which is imho a good thing.

Only thing discouraging was the music was so loud I couldn't understand the girl with the soft voice behind the counter, part of it is volume too high and the acoustics of the shop.
They may get that fixed after some time open.

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So I tried to get the haircut in MSP airport on Sunday, but their stylist had called in sick. Finally got one Monday afternoon. Cost me $19 for the haircut and then she washed the cut hair off my head. Gave her $5 tip.
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my barber used to work for Fantastic Sam's,
she was the resident military hair cut person.
and she had a long list of clients,

I'm not mil, but still liked the way she cut my hair, and the conversations so I followed her when she went solo,

appt only, and when I miss an appt, it takes weeks to get a spot in line,

I'll use great clips once in a blue moon, when she is terribly backed up,
I've had good experiences and bad experiences there,
one was great, the young lady did a great job, as far as the hair, but she was not exactly smooth when using the clippers, (as in few times it felt like she was trying to go deeper than the clipper would let her,,,)
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