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A bit late with a suggestion but in my experience (both first-hand and from others), rarely does talking with the culprit ever have a positive outcome on its own. People know it's wrong to not clean up their pet's crap - especially on somebody else's property (be it personal or government owned). Immediately taking the problem to the relevant authorities so that a warning, citation, fine, etc., will be issued by an official body is the quickest and surest way to help the offender gain a modicum of personal responsibility.

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I have 1 neighbor who use to let her Newfoundland roam around loose, it would always pee on our bushes & pool n our front yard. We don't even allow our own dogs to go in our front yard. Then she realized we had animal control out for a different neighbor's dog issue. I also think she saw me video her dog loose & roaming the neighborhood so I do not see it loose as much.

Our other neighbor has his dog on a leash & specifically lets it poop in our front yard. It's a small dog, but I caught him one time, so I gathered the poop in a bag, placed a bright sticky note on it telling him to pick up his dog's poop, & placed it squarely on his front steps right around the time his wife comes home so she could yell at him too, plus the neighbors would see it. Doesn't happen as often, but still does at times. I even yelled at him once from the upstairs window when I saw him walk away from it before. He's the creepy neighbor that none of us can stand.
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Originally posted by ador:
I do not want any type of confrontation with our neighbor. We are quiet people, and do not want to worry about getting into a feud with a neighbor.

I will probably send s certified letter to the HOA requesting that they send a REMINDER letter to all homeowners to pick up after their dogs. I know I already read something like this in one of their quarterly letters to homeowners a while back. Maybe it is time to send a new reminder.

I don't know who this neighbor is. The only way I can find out is to watch anyone who walks 2 dogs that fits the profile of the lady walker. I will try a polite approach first to see if that works.

I don't want to get into anyone's bad side, especially that we will be out of town for 3 weeks for our annual vacation.

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Also, you might get in trouble with HOA with your sign, mainly because of the use of profanity. If you used poop, or excrement, it would not be as offensive as "shit". I would not like my young children reading it just out of respect. But, it is a different world than when I was young. Children hear all kinds of stuff but your neighbors might not like it.
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Hey magichorse. I get what you are saying. I spent several minutes contemplating if I should use the word "shit" as part of my message to described what was left in front of my driveway. I was going to use the word "feces". But decided to use "dog shit" instead. I want to send a subtle message to the dog owner that I am upset with what was done. If they get offended with that word, then they better pick up after their dog.

If HOA sends me a letter about my sign, then I will change "shit" to "feces". But I still expect them to do something about the on-going problem. If a neighbor approaches me about my sign, then I will ask them if by any chance, they know the lady who was walking the dogs who left the pile of dog shit in front of my house. If they find the word "shit" offensive, then by all means, I will change it to "feces".

Tomorrow is my first day off from work. I will sit in my front porch and watch for anyone walking dogs and for a lady who fits the description from the video recording. If I can talk to her, I will. But I prefer to just know where she live so I can give het address to the HOA. I also found the City of NLV codes about animals and animal waste that are left in public road. They can be fined up to $1,000.

This shit has to stop. Big Grin

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Dog shit is really difficult to clean up when smeared under your cars windshield wipers... Big Grin
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Dog shit is really difficult to clean up when smeared under your cars windshield wipers...
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You run a car detailing business I guess.
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Here is the story, the short version, of Mr. Poop, AKA Poop Man:

My late dog King was a mystery mutt, black and white, about 55 pounds. I live in an area that had a lot of older people in it, and there were some people who were way, way too far into their lawns...and what is sprayed or dropped on it. There was a guy about a half mile from me who will be known from now on as “Mr. Poop” AKA "Poop Man", who looked almost exactly like the actor who played Goldfinger, but without the German accent. His entire life consisted of his lawn, or it did until it became obsessing about King dumping in his yard. I somehow managed to walk my previous dog Gus past his house for over a decade without a peep from him. One day, I was walking King and he did his business a couple of houses from Mr. Poop’s house. The garbage truck was approaching, so I put the bag into a can, since it would be emptied in less than a minute. We passed by Mr. Poop’s house, and he comes running out, yelling, “Hey hey, you need to pick up that load your dog dropped!”, and pointed to a huge pile in his yard, right next to the boulder he had with his street number engraved in it. The turds in that pile were the size of my wrist, and if that had come out of King, well, I doubt he would have survived it. I told Mr. Poop, “If you think that came out of this dog, you’re crazy!”. He disagreed, and I pointed out, or tried to, that the pile of crap wasn’t fresh. I ended up telling him King didn’t do it and walked away. Over the next two years plus, his obsession about King dumping in his yard took over more and more of his life. He called the police a couple of weeks into this deal, and when the cops were “doubtful” that it belonged to King, he claimed the cops were “In Cahoots” with me. Eventually, he would stay up all night, looking out his window, hoping to catch King in the act. Mr.Poop and I got into it in a store once, and when he jumped into his car and drove up next to me on day, screaming at me, I lost my temper and tossed a nice warm bag of crap at him. The cops came again, and told me not to do that. It all came to a peak when he began cleaning his .22 rifle, muttering something like, “If he comes around, I’ll be ready for him!". His wife and daughter called the cops on him, who took his rifle. She waved me down the next day while I was walking the next block over and apologized. She was crying and said, “I don’t know what’s wrong with him!”. Soon, he was diagnosed with some sort of dementia, and was taken to a “Memory Unit”. Mr Poop died a couple of years ago. This all took place over a little over two years. The peak insanity was when I took my other dog, King's littermate, Molly for a walk one day (She hated them, and was a nervous wreck the whole time) and he called the police claiming I had bought another dog "To double the poop his dog is dumping on my yard!" When it was explained to him that both dogs had license tags going back several years with sequential serial numbers on them each time, he, as usual, complained that it proved the police and I were "In Cahoots". It's funny now, but was pretty scary at the gun stage.
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I agree with the frustration, will just add that it is also important to teach kids not to play with dog shit.

World is full of all sorts of shit. Ounce of prevention>=pound of cure...

"Where MY free shit?!"

What part of "...Shall not be infringed" don't you understand???

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