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Some days I just don't get it. How the heck can this train wreck be saving any money???

I ordered a new Mec-Gar mag for my P228 from Brownells to replace the two 10-rounders that I sold last week. Since I wasn't in a major hurry I used the least expensive shipping option of $3.95 without reading the fine print of what it really was. It simply said 4 to 7 business days, and I thought, that's okay... no hurry, I preferred to save the money so placed the order that way.

While this is not truly a "rant", as I'm not angry; i.e., I'm getting exactly what I paid for, and I understand that, what I DON'T understand is how these clowns can be "saving money" by sending stuff all across the country PAST ME, then BACK TO ME, instead of just letting it STOP AT ME!!!

It goes from Iowa, down to Missouri, then across to some little poe-dunk town in Georgia I've never heard of (note that it completely goes RIGHT THROUGH Alabama where I live on the way to Georgia), just so it can be routed BACK to me in Alabama 2 days later!!!

What the heck?!? Somebody please 'splain to me how this saves money!!! This goober from Allybammer donut unnerstand...


Edit to add: Okay, the location in Georgia is just south of Atlanta, so maybe not so "poe-dunk", but it clearly STILL went right past me since it was going GROUND service all the way!!! Just makes zero sense to me...

Bill R.
North Alabama
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His Royal Hiney
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It's a variation of the hub and spoke system that the airlines use.

To put it in railroad terms: it's prohibitively expensive to set up each train depot to have a set of railroad tracks going to every other train depot.

What they do is to have tracks between individual depots to the mid level depot. The mid level depots go to the higher depot. Those higher level depots connect to each other and incoming shipments gets passed down successively to the mid level depot and the individual depot.

It's a matter of optimizing how many tiers and which depot connect to where to ensure the lowest cost arrangement.

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I'm not a businessman in that side of things, so I'll take your word for it. Sorta makes sense I guess...

Bill R.
North Alabama
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Thank you
Very little
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I ordered something that was warehoused in Jacksonville off Amazon, instead of putting it on a truck via UPS to Orlando they air mailed it UPS to Louisville, which sent it back to Orlando via plane, then drove it up to the delivery center here before putting it out for delivery.

It's just the way UPS is setup depending on the type of shipping selected to full fill the order. IT was Prime so I didn't pay extra for shipping but one would have to belived that had to cost significantly more to fly it around vs the normal daily truck route 80 miles away.

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Now you understand why it is called "Innovations Shipping". It is similar to SURE POST another name that is used. It should be renamed Doubtful Shipping.
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Surepost and the like are proof humanity is going backwards.

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