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Cousin's Subs, but few here will have one close.
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Originally posted by texassierra:
I prefer Jersey Mike's, Firehouse, or Jimmy that order.

I'll rock it to Subway just about any time... particularly when I recognize that the next nearest options are Taco Bell and Sonic.

- We have a Jimmy John's in town. They're quick and good, but there's a LOT of bread there, compared with the meat/veggies on board.
- Firehouse is in the next town over. It's a really good sammich, but a good bit more expensive (and I can't get there and back on lunch break).
- Jersey Mikes? Eesh, I fail to see the fascination, and the last time I was there the simple sammich/chips/drink combo ended up costing me over $13. Eek

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I like Jimmy Johns better, just get one of the double meat subs.

Penn Station is good for hot subs.

Remember that Subway is very popular with people from India - since they can always get a vegetarian sub. It's the "go to" place whenever they don't know where else to go. The office building my company has in Pune, India has a Subway downstairs and around the corner...
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Our local Subways have meatball subs for $4.99, and if you go to the one inside WalMart the footlong will run you $3.99. That's about the only sub I can tolerate from Subway. I much prefer the Firehouse across town, but that's part of the reason I rarely eat there.

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