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Seriously... you open the envelope and there are nickels or a dime or something attached.

"With this 10 cents you could change a life!"

Really, so go change someone's life with it instead of mailing it to me. Why would I ever donate to a charity so wasteful and irresponsible with the money they are donated? I have no history of ever sending you money, so its not like I am a good bet to hit up for money or anything.

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Found money.

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That's just the
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I have to admit, it makes me bring the mail inside and open remove the coin before I throw it away.
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Guilt trip.

Me. I'd take the money, add what I could, and donate it to the local humane society.

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The Human Fund, money for people.
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The money does not impress me. But I do appreciate the free return address labels.

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Buy some ammo.
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Comic Relief
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I do everything electronically. I mailed 3 letters via USPS (and wrote 2 paper checks) last year. I have more than enough free return labels to last my lifetime.
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I fucking hate the junk mail with coins or medalians in it! Rather than throwing the junk mail in the shredder box I have to open the letter, remove the coin and stick-um, lose valuable minutes, maybe even hours(!) over a lifetime, for unwanted chump change! GRRR!!!

Were it not for decades of practice of Buddhist samatha (tranquilty) meditation then I would be more fucking enraged than the Incredible fucking Hulk discovering that there is no fucking toilet paper after paying his fucking dime for the fucking pay toilet!

(Note, above image borrowed without permission from Mad fucking Magazine).

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I received a penny with a heart stamped out in the middle. Where the hell do you pay to get a heart stamped into pocket change? How much does that cost.


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