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I just signed up for venomous snake training
I did not know that you could train them. Fetch? Roll over?

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Originally posted by Rick Lee:
I just signed up for venomous snake training on May 23. I tried a month ago, but the event was canceled due to the shutdown. I can't wait. I've only ever seen a Rattlesnake in the wild in Zion Nat. Park. All the others were in zoos.

Be aware that a large part of that training (for your dog, I assume), is based on smell, and to a lesser degree sight and sound. The training usually utilizes a Western Diamondback, which is the most prevalent. But you could also encounter a Mojave, where the training might not click nearly as well. And the mojave has a more deadly venom.

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It looks like a banner year for snakes around here in northern AZ. We currently have at least one huge Gopher Snake, one King Snake and a Black Rattle Snake all competing for the abundance of rodents behind my shop.

Yesterday we watched the King Snake devour a mouse while the snake hung precariously from a rock wall.
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Spread the Disease
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Just took a shovel to a baby rattler in my garage. I think I may have stepped over it on the way in. Eek


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