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Put them into an envelope and send them to Hillary. Razz

I know a little about a lot of things, but I don't know everything. I'm in the minority these days especially on gun forums.
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Isn't the OP a nurse?

I'm sure he knows what to do....


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Are these "scabies" the same thing as chiggers"

While stationed in Ft. Knox a BUNCH of us got chiggers from crawling around in the underbrush.

Not fun, at all. Itch like crazy all day and all night. Made sleeping difficult.


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Originally posted by Elk Hunter:
Are these "scabies" the same thing as chiggers"

No, but it's somewhat similar, in that they're both tiny parasitic mites that cause rashes and irritation.

The big difference is that a scabies actually burrow below the skin and infest the host, and are highly contagious since they live in the host and are capable of being passed from person to person. Whereas chiggers just bite the top layer of skin temporarily, like tiny ticks. Chiggers are not contagious, since being bitten requires exposure to chigger larvae out in the wild, and once a chigger drinks its fill it drops off the host and doesn't bite again.
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Scabies cases have been an issue in a nursing home not too far from here. As if being in a nursing home wasn’t bad enough already.

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I brought those scabies from Norway (OK it was Denmark but she was Norwegian) back to the states @ 43 years back. Sorry about that.

BTW, you'll know they aren't chiggers. In between your fingers will itch like crazy, specially at night.
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