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Originally posted by RHINOWSO:
One reason to stick to one airline so you board earlier.

I always have a roller carry on and my backpack - I have no issues putting my backpack under the seat and the roller overhead, but even then if you are near the end of the boarding process you may not have room for your roller.

Also, airlines are offering more 'budget' tickets for people who don't want to check baggage or have large carry ons. People just don't read the fine print.

Yeah, back before I retired I did a HUGE amount of flying. All over the US, to Europe, north Africa, etc. I had acquired so many flying miles that I had several free tickets. Used 2 of them to take vacation in Germany, and a couple of cross country round trips to Idaho and back.

Fortunately, that was before all this crap we see and hear of today. Last time I flew to Idaho it took most of the day and probably flew 2X as many miles as normal due to "routing". Decided then that if I ever have to go to Idaho again, I will drive, both ways! Have done it before.


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I do a lot of international travel, and when you have international connections through O'Hare, Newark or other large airports, and fly on local airlines in places like China or India, you simply cannot check bags and ensure they will get to your final destination intact. Want to spend three weeks out of the country with no luggage, or hope some local carrier will forward them to you?

Professionals don't check bags because of time - waiting at the baggage claim means more time in the airport, a longer wait means a longer line for a taxi, and so on.

I fly anywhere in the world with a carryon and a backpack. Backpack is everything I need to do my job, and things I cannot replace (such as Rx meds), and fits under the seat. Carryon has clothes, toiletries, and safety shoes. As long as I can do laundry once I week, I'm good for an indefinite amount of time. It's a little bigger than the ridiculously small "regulation" size but not that much, and it fits easily on every plane I've flown. And I don't overstuff it or use the "expander" zipper. You have to be efficient about the clothes you actually need, and chose items that are versatile for different situations.

The people that crowd the boarding lanes for the wrong class, or think their "boarding group 1" or first class upgrade puts them at the front of the line are irritating. Gate agents always say "don't crowd the lanes" and people do it anyway.

I stand back, and then after handicapped, active duty military, and parents with small children board first, I am next in line due to FF status. And I have to weave past the throng in the boarding line...
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Uggh. I hate flying too for all of these reasons. People basically suck. I have to go to New York in a couple of weeks for a one day meeting for work and I am not looking forward to it.
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I used to fly periodically for business and experienced all the shit people are talking about. 2012 was the last time I flew on a commercial airline.

What's funny is now I do a part-time on-demand delivery job (like Uber) where I frequently go to the airport to pick up and then deliver luggage (including firearms) that didn't arrive at the same time as the passenger.

I'm in-and-out pretty fast but still see the same stupid shit. And, boy, do some people have some fucked-up luggage.
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I traveled for 20 years on my job, mostly using Delta. I remember one time first class was full so I couldn’t get an upgrade. Did priority boarding put my 20” roller bag in the overhead bin and sat down. Just before departure the stewardess called out “whose bag is this”? It was mine, she said I had to check it as it wouldn’t fit. I looked at her and said just as loudly “I am a platinum medallion member and I priority boarded. My bag was the first one into that overhead compartment. I don’t know which bag is coming out but I guarantee it shouldn’t be mine”. She looked at me and then grabbed the largest bag in the section and said this bag is going to be checked. Perks have their privileges but only if you speak up.
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I've never had a problem with my carry on because I always have to check a bag since it always has a pistol in it....
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Originally posted by sigarms229:
I say fuck a carry on.

Hard pass on that. Sometimes I've flown with only a carry on, depends on the length of the trip.

Also, there have been times my checked bag has been lost but at least I was smart enough to pack 1 set of clothes in my carry on.

I do agree that flying sucks though. Ok, not the actual flying but the hassles that go with it.

This. Aside from a change of clothes just in case, if I'm flying with camera gear, I'll be damned if the luggage monkeys are going to play kickball with my bag (assuming it's not coincidentally "lost"). That's coming w/ me in the cabin.


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