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Thanks Muted. I mask in public but mot in private / meetings / restaurants. Wearing a mask for me is tough as it simulates an asthma attack. I also suspect I was a bit cocky thinking I was immune having had it and went out to more business activities than was wise.

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Yessiree, I can see not wanting to wear a mask because of the asthma. I'm not a mask wearer (40 with a few extra pounds and a bit of hypertension) so I don't think the risk is terribly high. I think the Wu Flu hits some a lot harder than others. We won't know how we react with it until we get it.

My cousin and his wife had it a few weeks back. She brought it home from work as a nurse in a COVID ward. Funny thing is she was always wearing 2 masks as well as the plastic shield that a lot of folks are wearing. According to the powers that be, she really shouldn't have gotten it. I have little faith in the ability of a fabric/paper filter or 2 to stop any of this. The numbers of cases are still climbing (at least according to the CDC) and mask wearing is at an all time high. If I go out, I am really the only one not wearing a mask. Hell, I even went to Green Top (local gun store) looking for ammo and the place was packed. EVERYONE except me was wearing a mask, yet I am sure at least one of the 400 or so people in there will test positive for da rona in the next week.

I guess I was just trying to figure out how this stuff spreads, especially with so many people wearing masks.

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