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The Internet is often thought of as being a great equalizer (sorry, Mr. Colt). But more and more I'm finding purported technical blog sites that are nearly unintelligible.

The problem (and I know the snowflakes will call me racist), is that the people writing these blogs are doing so in English.

And they can't speak English.

Have you ever bought an item made in China and tried to read the manual? The sites I'm referring to are like that.

For example: I wanted to learn if the Linux program "inxi" is available for Mac. What do I do? Of course, I use my Google Fu and search "inxi mac."

Scanning through the results I find a lot of misses, not hits. When I click on what looks like a hit, I start reading something that looks like English but ultimately exhausts my eyes (and logic process) and I abandon the site.

Why do people who can't speak English insist on writing blogs no one can read? Why can't they write them in their native language, or at least get someone to proofread their stuff?

Proofreading. Now THERE's a lost art!

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AT&T and Amazon customer service have a blog?
They can speak English, it’s just the New Dehli version. Wink

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A couple of jobs ago I was building racks of expensive electronic test equipment and setting it all up to run under computer control. One of the boxes came with an operator/programming manual that was a literal translation from the original Japanese, obviously translated by somebody who was NOT familiar with the technology involved. It was hilarious.
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