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Originally posted by Icabod:
Originally posted by sigcrazy7:
Being a vet is not a sure indicator that you uphold the Constitution. Anymore, I assume any rank over O4 or E9 to be liberals.

The paygrade E9 is he highest enlisted paygrade. The Army rank is Sergeant Major or Command Sergeant Major. It does not go "over." Offhand, I don't recall and Sergeant Major that was "liberal."

My bad, I was thinking of my various 1SGT when I wrote that, and forgot that they top out in grade. I plateaued at E6. I've met some battalion NCO's who were a bit leftist wrt personal gun ownership, and a CSM that was a hot mess. They were the ones influencing my post.

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I have one that badgered her husband into suicide after she caught him cheating.

This loon even fired her illegal immigrant nanny (she CHOSE for the sake of cultural diversity as a slap in the face to the right) for corrupting her children's minds with the hate of christianity.

She has told me and other gun owners at work that the government should smash into our homes and confiscate our guns for the safety of society.

I sort of did mention that SHE has killed more people with her WORDS than all of our GUNS combined.

Funny, she ain't said a single word to me since.


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Originally posted by djinco:
Tomorrow the office policy is no politics (which includes comments about the President), no religion.

Has this policy fixed the issue with the guy in your office who has left leaning opinions?

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Yes, for now. His opinions are far from his only problem. He will end up taking a lot of my time in the next couple of years. But that's my fault, I learned that he was problems with other supervisors, and I said to give him a try.

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Cheers, Doug in Colorado

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Marine Corps here. And the dude is a straight up fool that I would shut down in a heart beat. My drill instructor told me the first day of boot camp that 10 percent get through that shouldn't be Marines.

I'm guessing that explains a lot.


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