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Dies Irae
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One of my brothers moved his family into a duplex, for a while. Their neighbor was seldom seen, and therefore not a problem. They noticed after a while that mail was piling up in the neighbor's box, but thought nothing of it.

A couple of weeks after that, my brother and SIL noticed an outbreak of fleas in their home, and a sickly smell. They notified the landlord, who sent an exterminator out. The landlord came out and called the Sheriff's department over concern about the odor. As it turns out, the neighbor had a couple small dogs and cats each-and I think it's clear where this is going.

The Sheriff's office investigated, and the renter (a woman) was estranged or divorced and living with another man. She kept a separate address and appearance of self-reliance for IDK..welfare? alimony? possibly vindictive ex? Needless to say, she was charged with animal cruelty and in the course of the investigations, her ex was made aware of her situation, and she was about to see her world fall apart.

TL,DR: Karma to shitty animal owner
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Had a couple renters once who let their felon kid (he said that the bitch was lieing and he didn't put a hunting knife to her throat and rape her repeatably and when he caught up with her she willingly changed her testimony)and his 2 asshole pitbulls move back in with them. The next time the rent was late like it usually was I didn't feel like being the nice guy like the previous few times and started the process up. They knew I'd be by with the sheriffs and they got out a day early and left 2 pitbulls behind.

2 huge cops show up and meet me at the home after the court gave me the house back. 1 young one and his sgt. We were out front but the dogs could see the police uniforms and went nuts (fenced back yard). Young cop was walking around the house, he walked over to the dogs, pulled out his mace and unnecessarily sprayed them. The dogs got a hit but it just pissed them off more. Young pup of a cop gets the wind bringing his spray back to him and hits his face: he drops to his knees making all kinds of yelling pussy noises. Sarge and I were leaning on the cop car chilling because animal control had been called and Sarge starts laughing at this scene like it was the funniest thing he'd seen. Which made me laugh too. Kids back there still on his knees with the dogs going crazy nuts barking horrifically while mere feet away the kid is loudly begging Sarge to bring the clean up kit and help him out "DEAR LORD PLEASE!" I look at Sarge and he looked to be in no hurry to short change the kid his well earned lesson and he just watched and laughed till he felt damned good and ready to finally put the kid out of his misery.

Animal control shows as the kid is almost getting normal. ITS A LITTLE GIRL CAN'T BE MORE THAN 80LBS SOAKING WET! She touches base - says hi, gets the beta and walks back to the gate...cops following hands on guns. We're all thinking, this is gonna end real real bad. She says something nice to the dogs who immediately stop barking, then opens the gate and walks in. Loops a leash on one and out to the truck right past the cops it had just wanted to kill tail wagging happily. Poof, 2nd dog same thing. She said good-by and there we all stood in disbelief after she left.

Like you, can't believe people would just abandon dogs like that. They were trash and I was extra glad when they were all cleared out.
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Lucky says that sucks. He was abandoned on the side of the road along with a brother who made it and a sister who didn't by his original owners at 5 weeks old.

We have had him since then. That people would do that to a helpless animal that has the love and loyalty of a dog is simply unbelievable to me.

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