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I last used my 1 yr old Milwaukee M18 drill a week and a half ago when I took down the old front porch railing.

Checked everywhere and I cant find the sucker. Pisses me off. I'm down a battery now too.

I even went so far to review the video from my Ring doorbell. I think I can see it under my arm when I take stuff into the garage.

My question is how long do I wait before I buy a new one. I know the old one will show the minute I buy one.


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Originally posted by gpbst3:

My question is how long do I wait before I buy a new one. I know the old one will show the minute I buy one.

I just did that last weekend with a hammer.
Damn if I didn't get home from the hardware store and find the hammer I thought I lost.
I waited a day. I also blamed the dog for hiding my hammer.

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I lost an 8mm socket from my US made Craftsman set recently. I made it one day before I ordered a replacement on Ebay. I couldn't stand knowing one was missing from my otherwise complete set.

I'd wait a bit on an expensive drill though. At least a month!
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We lost (lost!) a whole Shark Cordless Vacuum.

The pet dander version:

I blamed the cats, but they're not talking.

Searched for days and eventually bought a replacement, the other one must have been taken by the sock and tool gnomes to their secret lair.
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NEVER happens to me. LOL -

Ok.... twice this month and it's just the 8th. Luckily, they were small (under $25 type items) and I found one before I purchased the replacement.

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I lost a Beretta 92 compact for about 18 months after a move. Wife found it right where I left it in the guest bedroom inside a mini safe

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There's gotta be someone else living in my house, because nothing ever seems to be where I just set it down....

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I "lose" stuff all the time like that. I've found it usually happens when I have the thing in hand, go to look for something else, or get distracted into taking care of something else, absent-mindedly lay the thing down somewhere, then carry on to yet something else.

Drives. Me. Nuts.

I love it when I'm working on something, a tool in my hands, and find I need another tool. Do I lay the tool I have in hand down where I am? Of course not! I take it with me while I go to fetch the other thing. Then lay the tool I had down, fetch the other thing, get back to my work site, then wonder where the tool I had went

And, or course, since I laid the tool I originally had down somewhere absent-mindedly, I really don't know where it is. Sometimes I find them in the oddest places.

Then there's the tool I go looking for, an image of what it looks like in mind, and cannot find it. Only to find it later and discover what I was looking for does not look like what I'd thought it did, which is why I did not find it.

One day I had the above happen to me, it was a prick punch, and said "I am not going through this again." Got in the car, went down to the hardware store and bought another. When I finished with it I went to put it in a specific spot in my toolbox... right next to the one I earlier could not find.

The best, though, is times like what happened a few weeks ago. Couldn't find the tool I'd just had. Cussing, swearing, pissed-off and my wife asks "What are you looking for?" "I'm looking for <thing>," I tell her. "Like that?" she asks, pointing to the floor right in front of me!

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You didn't put it on the bumper of your truck like the guy who did the same with his 36mm wrench before the wife took the truck to get ice? I know that guy regrets his loss. Mad Mad

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Ask someone else to look for it.

I suppose I'd wait until the day comes where I have to have a drill or my chores will not get done and I can't put off that chore any more without problems arising :-)

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I have an excellent pair of Zeiss mini binocs that sit on my dresser awaitng use.
They disappeared and I tore the house apart looking for them. I had last used them in Presque Isle Park and thought I lost them there.
I considered making an insurance claim, since replacing them is $$$.
Then I had a loose bolt on the headboard of my bed and when I removed the mattress and box springs, there were the binocs! With tiny teeth marks on the neck strap.
My cat stole them!
Do you have a cat?

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Order a new one via Amazon immediately. That way, when it arrives and your old one returns from fighting crime, you’ll be able to easily return the new one to Amazon.

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If it's a tool it's a pretty clear thing that one of your kids took it and used it somewhere.
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Thank you
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Lost a mag for my P938, been gone maybe 4 years, pulled out the dresser in my closet a few weeks ago to look for something and there it was, along with the dust bunnies and other assorted items...

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Catholics, in the know, say a prayer to St. Anthony, patron saint of lost things. When we all shopped downtown, my mother would pray to him to find her a parking space, on the theory that the space was lost and needed to be found. Don't laugh until you've tried him. You might be surprised.
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I'm hoping I did not throw it away. I was putting the old vinyl railing parts in a garbage bag. I dont see how I could mix up a red drill and white vinyl.

I'm thinking of of trying a psychic medium.


There is no cure for stupidity, you either die from it or with it.
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I take the bus to work and enjoy looking out the window and daydreaming my way to work. In August I noticed a cordless drill sitting on the outside of a window sill at a church on the bus route. I would think about sending an email to the church then, in my typical fashion, forget about it when work nonsense intervened. It sat there for about a month then was gone. I hope someone from the church found it.

I identified since I can, and have, looked for a wrench only to find it is may back pocket. about a 1/2 hour later.
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Have a few misplaced items. Nothing aggravates me more then knowing I have something which I can't locate!

Like the 1/4" hex to 1/2" square drive adapter. Misplaced for a few yrs now. Haven't really needed it and refuse to purchase a new one, as then it will show up.
Had it been the 1/4 drive or 3/8 drive adapter, I'd have had to buy another one, as I use them all the time.

I keep saying it will show up one day.

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It went wherever my good pair of Felco pruning shears went. Mad

I once lost the brazing tip to my torch set. Looked for it off and on for over a year.

One day I spilled some oil on my garage floor, went and scooped a coffee can full of oil dry out of the barrel I keep it in...along with my torch tip...

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see, if you would have purchased a corded one, you could just check all the outlets for a cord and then follow the cord too the drill.

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