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I even have this problem with my belt buckle causing the tiny pin holes to form in my shirts but I like super thin shirts. I find them more comfortable.
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I know that's not my problem with the holes.

I generally go beltless and use the "Invisible Suspenders" Amazon and other sell. When I wear a belt, it is one of the Wilderness belts with the plastic buckle.

So, it's something else attacking my poor, defenseless T-shirts. I'm thinking it's those sneaky Trijicon HDs.

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I carried a 27 with Trijicon HDs and they ate my shirts.
I now carry a 43 with Williams fiber optic sights and no longer have the issue.

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Trijicon HDs are sharp and seem to cause holes faster; Ameriglos are a bit smoother.
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I’d rather have pinholes in my shirts. My issue is because of how I arrange my gear on my belt, my pocket knives are wearing big holes in my jeans because the G10 scales and the kydex of my holster have nothing but a layer of fabric between them and it seems to go away quickly.
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While a minor pain, what bothered me much more, as it was more expensive are the holes it caused on my suit jacket liners and a couple of leather jackets.

I started taking my suits to a tailor and having an extra bit of heavier fabric added in the wear locations.

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Look what it's doing to my brand freaking new car. Frown


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