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Running a small business, I have to deal with multiple vendors and suppliers.

In the past week I dealt with several, on both ends of the spectrum. Here is the body of an email that I just sent to Hofmann Fluid Power (no harm giving the name of some Great People!
I received the shipment in good order. THANK YOU!

I just wish that all of the other vendors and suppliers that we use were even half as pleasant and easy to deal with, and are as helpful as you are. Some days my head is really sore from banging it into the wall in frustration. Wink

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We post the negative, nice to see some positive!!
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Being in the wholesale sales channel, getting a response like this is very heartening and something I sometimes need to hammer & remind the Service and Credit departments with.

Stop making excuses and be the reason for why our customers want to do business with us!

I try to get my service people 'into the field' so they get some perspective and meet with whom our customers face-to-face and see what they deal with. Instead, management just wants button-pushers and box-checkers, thus no surprise when people have little investment, 'ownership' or, any pride in their work.
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