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It’s true e that the good die young and assholes live forever. “Natural causes” at 45 with no signs or conditions until lights out. Thank God it was quick but Lord please ease off my friends for a while.
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You have my condolences. Being near that age myself it shocks me.

Yes, Para does appreciate humor.
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Sorry for your loss. I lost one of my best friends last Sunday. He had GI bleeding and due to no insurance or refusing to sign accepting financial responsibility, a hospital sent him home. He passed a few hours later. Luckily our last visit was acceptable as a good bye.

He was a wild one and never thought he would live past 30. I pressed him to get a checkup and almost got him to get a blood test. He scolded me for pushing it, saying he had already lived much more than he assumed he would. I backed off after that.

An example of his extravagance of tossing his 9 lives was when driving his van with a sliding door. He'd get up from the driver's seat going 50 MPH and head to the side door to take a leak without any warning. He'd assume I would take over driving.

He had his dark side and it almost made him impossible to be around. In reality he had the biggest heart possible. So lucky I got to see his kind and sweet side. He was a mommas boy and he got it from her. He was never the same after she passed.
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Very sorry Leemur, it's difficult especially when so unexpected. I'm at my mid 60's now and have lost all my closest friends, though only a handful being my closest, it's still very sad. I'd like to think these days they're in a much better place if they were suffering, especially the ones who had cancer.

Regards, Will G.
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I'm in the same mindset.
The good ones seem to keep dying and the azzholes keep on breathing ....

Sry for your loss of a friend.
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I'm sorry Leemur. It's never easy.

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I'm very sorry about your friend. 45 is way too young.
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Sorry for your loss! I know you will miss him, but rest assured you will see him again. In a far better place.


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