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Spectemur Agendo
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There is good reason for the old adage about the squeaky wheel getting the grease.

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Certainly wasn't me. Dad "got around" and so did Mom. I have several step sisters somewhere.

Two weeks out of high school I was on a troop train heading for Ft. Knox and I never looked back.

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I have 2 brothers & 1 sister. I am the baby girl. My sister swears that Mom never made breakfast for her but always made breakfast for me. That wasn't true. Mom made breakfast for the whole family, however I was the picky eater so she usually made what I wanted most of the time because the rest of them would eat whatever she put on the plate.

That being said, we all agree that we all had the absolute best childhood. By brothers went thru a spell as teenagers where they'd get into some actual fist fights, but Mom alway broke them up. Mom was a tough little woman. Still is. Dad worked for a paycheck & Mom ran the farm. They both spent as much time with us as they could.

My sister always got caught when she did something wrong (like underage drinking). Everyone thought I was "the good girl", I got straight "A's", was the 1st (& only) one to go to college, but I just never got caught doing way worse things than my sister did.

My oldest brother was the responsible one. My younger, "older" brother was the 1 my parents really had a hard time with. It was a miracle they got him thru school. If he wasn't interested in something, he didn't want to do it. He's super smart with anything with an engine, but the rest was boring to him. He kept skipping school. My Mom would go out looking for him, usually found him, & would drag him back. Was like a "Duke" boy from the Dukes of Hazzard. He'd get into some sort of little trouble & try outrunning the cops, etc. He eventually became pretty good friends with several of the cops.

As adults, my older brother prob has the least to do with my parents. Might go have breakfast with them once a month. Hardly goes out to their place. My "troubmaker" brother does absolutely everything for them. Has breakfast with them prob 90% of the time, mows the pastures so it doesn't worry my Mom that Dad will injure himself. Hauls sawdust for the horses, & is there to do the hard work when they get hay delivered, even enlists the help of others so Mom won't try to pitch in. Even made multiple trips to feed the animals at my parents when my sister was in the hospital for several weeks just so my Mom could stay with her. Complete opposite of how one would think it would have turned out.

& I'm the only one that moved away but I still visit once or twice a year & call. & I keep my Dad out here a couple months out of the year to keep him from driving my Mom crazy
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*I* was the favorite. Resentful older siblings can really be unpleasant when you're small.

Not like it got, or gets, me anything as my parents were and are mildly dysfunctional.

Ironically of my siblings and I, I have the worst relationship with my parents. For, as I see it, more than adequate reasons. There was much more going on than who was the favorite.
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Dealing with this right now with my wife's family....My wife has worked hard her whole life and been pretty independent not asking for much of anything, she has supported herself and support herself yet the family "hero" is her POS lying, cheating addict sister who continues to mooch off anyone that will allow it and has raised a POS son who has learned to follow in her footsteps....I just dont get it
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In my family, it was who was the one able to escape the beating first.

When the favorite died 10 years before you were born and had no understanding of mental illness.


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Originally posted by mark123:
I wrote a long story about my family and deleted it. Let's just discuss how those that do the least for their family often get favored status. Ugh.

It was actually good for me to write out my story even though I didn't share it.

Glad you wrote it out. Writing is cathartic. I did the same after my divorce. It helps reduce pressure.

My immediate family doesn't have the issue you're dealing with, and I was definitely the favorite of my mother, though we weren't really close before she died in 2014. We were different because we were so much alike.

Step-families are brutal. I'm in a blended marital family and my step-daughter is the loudest, most blustery, demanding, ungrateful child who gets the most of everything from my wife (her biological mother) the point that if my biological kids want something, they ask the step-daughter to suggest it to her mother and it happens.

My kids make their car and insurance payments. We've paid off the step-daughter's car and continue to pay for her insurance and cell phone.

I just keep my mouth shut and help my kids when and where I can because they're grateful for it. I desperately love my wife and don't want to be divorced a second time, but make no mistake, blood is thicker than doing what's right.

Sorry for the deviation, OP.
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