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We would have a work detail at my firehouse to put up Christmas decorations the day after Thanksgiving.
For as long as i can remember this was when decorations went up even at my own home.
This was when I lived in New Jersey many years ago.

The neighborhood I live in,in Florida, the Christmas decorations were going up before Halloween this year. In the past it was usually after Halloween.

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Weather was nice today so I agreed to put up the lights on the front of the house, with the understanding they could NOT be turned on until AFTER Thanksgiving.


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Why does what other people do bother you?

I like Christmas. I like the process of decorating for Christmas. I’m not decorating your house, I’m decorating mine.

No, I haven’t forgotten the meaning of Thanksgiving. No, I’m not a slave to consumerism. It just reminds me of happy times so in an effort to be happy I put my shit up already.

If you don’t like it, don’t put yours up and don’t come over to my house.

Problem solved.

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Last Saturday the 14th, it was about 70° outside. It was beautiful. Every year I have ever hung up the Christmas lights it has been a cold, miserable experience.

So I took advantage of the great weather and hung the lights. I also turned them all on when the sun went down. It looks beautiful.

I didn’t do this because retail stores, tv commercials, or the Corinavirus. I did this because it’s my and my wife’s favorite holiday. The lights look beautiful.

Instead of being pissy because someone hung up their lights 46 days before Christmas, why not sit back and enjoy how pretty they look.

The tree went up on the 7th. It’s an artificial tree, but it looks quite beautiful.

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Originally posted by Pale Horse:
Problem solved.

As is true of so many “problems” in life.

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Saw people on Facebook showing their houses decorated before Haloween.
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Agree with the OP, because it’s the marketing and bullshit of all of it. Christmas is about Christ. Not lights, not trinket gifts, a tree, etc. Go to church, help out someone in need. I have neighbors who have already lit the whole house up, put the tree in the window all lit up, and don’t even believe in God. It’s comical. I call it consumer product bonanza season. I think it’s silly, go to Church instead, keep Christ in your thoughts and help someone who really needs it instead of buying shit for yourself. I see the shit show go up early and all it tells me is that it’s hibernation season as it’s 6 weeks of pure hell out on the streets, getting groceries, getting anything normal done. It all becomes a massive chore because people lose their fucking minds.

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I put my lights up last week. Two reasons; as others have said, this year it little bit of a shit show, and we can all use some extra cheer. And we are out of town until late on Sunday after Thanksgiving and we want to come home to a decorated house.
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Putting all my decorations up 6-feet apart is a real PIA !!
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As others have said. There are folks in my state that leave lights up year round too.

People forget JESUS is the REASON for the season.
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