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I swear the text keyboard on my phone is slowly trying to drive me insane. Every time I start typing it starts changing letters and words around into nonsensical messages.

I j. t want To typical a simple. Mess age

Drives me insane I tell you. Especially when it does this after I hit send

Did the Russians hack it?

In case you're wondering, Android on a Droid Turbo

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Are you sure it can't be turned off in the menu?

Edit to add...
Auto spell correct and auto complete both can be turned off on my iPhone. (keyboard options)

I bet it can on android as well.

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Whoever designed the software for AutoCorrect and AutoComplete should be drawn and quartered and then the parts should be burned.

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AutoSpell is my worst enema.

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It can be turned off in the settings.

I also have an android, and found the factory keyboard not to my liking. Luckily, you can replace them. I use SwiftKey (available in the Play Store, I think it's $.99)

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Sounds like you may have swipe enabled? Where you can trace the letters, rather than tapping each?
Mine does that if I'm typing too quickly & haven't fully released one letter before touching the next.

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