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Did I flunk English/Grammar class?

Why does Fox News not spell states with two capital letters?

It literally gloves me a headache!
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Originally posted by Underdog:
It literally gloves me a headache!

Sounds uncomfortable.

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Before standardization, Georgia was one of the few states that had a two letter abbreviation.

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It was the US Postal Service that originated the two capital letters abbreviations for the states and territories in 1963. Before that, though, there were other abbreviations in common use, including “Ga.” for Georgia. The abbreviations rather than the postal codes are still preferred by some.

A list from The Chicago Manual of Style (as indicated, the convention did not abbreviate some names):

Alabama - Ala.
Alaska - Alaska
American Samoa - Amer. Samoa
Arizona - Ariz.
Arkansas - Ark.
California - Calif.
Canal Zone - C.Z.
Colorado - Colo.
Connecticut - Conn.
Delaware - Del.
District of Columbia - D.C.
Florida - Fla.
Georgia - Ga.
Guam - Guam
Hawaii - Hawaii
Idaho - Idaho
Illinois - Ill.
Indiana - Ind.
Iowa - Iowa
Kansas - Kans.
Kentucky - Ky.
Louisiana - La.
Maine - Maine
Maryland - Md.
Massachusetts - Mass.
Michigan - Mich.
Minnesota - Minn.
Mississippi - Miss.
Missouri - Mo.
Montana - Mont.
Nebraska - Nebr.
Nevada - Nev.
New Hampshire - N.H.
New Jersey - N.J.
New Mexico - N.Mex.
New York - N.Y.
North Carolina - N.C.
North Dakota - N.Dak.
Ohio - Ohio
Oklahoma - Okla.
Oregon - Oreg.
Pennsylvania - Pa.
Puerto Rico - P.R.
Rhode Island - R.I.
South Carolina - S.C.
South Dakota - S.Dak.
Tennessee - Tenn.
Texas - Texas (or Tex.)
Utah - Utah
Vermont - Vt.
Virginia - Va.
Virgin Islands - V.I.
Washington - Wash.
West Virginia - W.Va.
Wisconsin - Wis.
Wyoming - Wyo.

A discussion about postal abbreviations here:

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I remember the 3 letter postal abbreviation used into the 90s and taught by school as proper. (Class of '88)

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West Virginia should always be "WV", not the W.Va. Irritates me when I see the W.Va

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When the bureaucrats decided how we were required to address mail in the time when everyone literate used mail it annoyed me and it annoys me now. I still correspond some with letters and cards and I abbreviate old school.

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Gaah! Ga. = GA
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USPS now uses two letter codes.

Alabama AL
Alaska AK
American Samoa AS
Arizona AZ
Arkansas AR
California CA
Colorado CO
Connecticut CT
Delaware DE
District of Columbia DC
Federated States of Micronesia FM
Florida FL
Georgia GA
Guam GU
Hawaii HI
Idaho ID
Illinois IL
Indiana IN
Iowa IA
Kansas KS
Kentucky KY
Louisiana LA
Maine ME
Marshall Islands MH
Maryland MD
Massachusetts MA
Michigan MI
Minnesota MN
Mississippi MS
Missouri MO
Montana MT
Nebraska NE
Nevada NV
New Hampshire NH
New Jersey NJ
New Mexico NM
New York NY
North Carolina NC
North Dakota ND
Northern Mariana Islands MP
Ohio OH
Oklahoma OK
Oregon OR
Palau PW
Pennsylvania PA
Puerto Rico PR
Rhode Island RI
South Carolina SC
South Dakota SD
Tennessee TN
Texas TX
Utah UT
Vermont VT
Virgin Islands VI
Virginia VA
Washington WA
West Virginia WV
Wisconsin WI
Wyoming WY
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Look at the Brits, I see this all the time on UK Daily Mail, etc

They are always spelling NASA as "nasa" and Army as "army"

I don't get it.

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I'm not seeing a problem here . I didn't know it was an issue .
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Army as "army"

little army is the National Guard. Other is BIG ARMY.
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and what exactly does "Impor-Ant" mean???


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Former journalist; we used Associated Press (AP) style guides for state abbreviations in our publications:

Legal citation follows the same convention:
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