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Best of luck with your Subie. Have not heard many negatives about them.

I know what you are saying about dealerships. It's pretty bad when I have to take my Jeeps to the local Ford dealership for oil changes as one of the three FCA dealers here cannot even do an oil change correctly. Of the last four times I went in taking both our Jeeps they screwed up three times. Had to return twice, caught one mistake while I was onsite. And the last time when I took my wife's Liberty it the service advisor would not even tell me "I'm sorry for your inconvenience" nor bring the keys to me, instead he had the lube tech bring me the keys with "It was just seeping oil" which it wasn't, the drip was so small it took a day for it to seep enough down the filter trough to again drip on the driveway albeit very small drip like the first time. Then COVID lockdowns started, had to wait a couple of months to get it in to have it changed, that time at the Ford dealership.

Second dealership, service department was ok but their sales department was over the top pressure. Constant emails and snail mails. When the phone calls started I specifically requested to stop. They did not. I threatened to file a do not call case, they finally stopped after my second demand. Since then the dealership has changed hands, so far no sales calls from them. Third store I only bought parts, may still try them in the future.

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