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Prior to that it was twice in 2008.

( I was desperate to keep the Kenyan out of the Whitehouse. A neighbor had a bumper sticker that said "I am voting for the Hero and the Milf". I didn't really agree with the Hero part.),

and once in 2010.

I cannot account for my 2010 and 2012 errors.

What's your story?


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His Royal Hiney
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The last time I gave politically was to get Tom McClintock elected as Governor of California instead of the Terminator. Tom may be just a career politician but he's a politician that echoes my sentiments. I've tracked him as a local politician in San Francisco as an Independent to cover his conservative values.

Other than on a local level, I haven't given. It's like voting my shares in a corporate business meeting, my voice won't count. Yeah, it may feel good and, mentally, I get my participation trophy, but objectively, my dollars are not going to keep any politician from winning or losing.

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Don't Panic
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Originally posted by RichardC:
I cannot account for my 2010 and 2012 errors.

No mention of 2012 in the above. What gave then?
- edited to add - It's in the thread header - got it. Wink

I don't donate to 'committees' - that just gives 'committees' the power to allocate the donation. Better policy is to find decent pols with a possibility of winning, and help them directly.

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2010. I'd considered myself to be Republican since the late 60's but after the DNC won the Presidency and congress I was done with them and now I'm an independent.

I kept getting requests for money via mail and phone calls and told them to stop asking time after time. I've been very vocal about how I feel about the GOP and their movement to the left and their lack of support of conservative principles. It took a few years, but I no longer get asked for donations. The lack of support for Trump reinforces my decision.



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If I wanted to do something for them, I'd volunteer locally. Fundraisers get a healthy cut off the top, then various hired guns get their slice, executives some more and on and on.
Very few have inspired me to do much more than show up at the voting booth, and I do that.
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I know its not run but 2 words stop me from giving a penny to political causes.Terry McCauliffe,or clinton foundation.There are bad folks on both sides.The head ot the puerto rico earthquake fund was supposed to testify about the 98% the clintons took form donations.Hardly a word was said,printed anywhere.
I will take my money and go to every church in my area and give money to any childrens funds.Those poor souls are going to have to deal with this fucked up world
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I treat them just like any other panhandler and don't give them anything.
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I've never given to the RNC.

I have given to individual campaigns (e.g. seven tight US senate races in '10), and I'm still getting spam because of it. The ones who won always want more money, and the ones who lost sold their donor list to the other critters.

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I donated in 2008 for the same reason as the OP.

I haven't donated since.

But they haven't let me forget it, and now not a day doesn't go by when I don't get some hand out from the careerist pocket-stuffers. Some not even from my own state or district. There's no shame to these people.

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I severed my relationship with the GOP way back in Reagan's term when he fell in love with Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson and the like. They were neither moral or a majority. I have registered is "independent" ever since and there fore do not get to vote in the primary elections, however I would rather do that than to associate my name with a group that has completely lost it's way and doesn't seem to stand for anything anymore.

The GOP has been a joke. They promise but don't deliver. I'm not so sure politics is the art of compromise. In my playbook, you never argue with idiots, never negotiate with criminals, traitors or terrorists and you never, ever compromise with evil. THE once great GOP doesn't seem to understand this.

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Stuck on
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I gave in 2012 for the same reason and it was the worst money I've ever spent.

I will be dead before the RNC sees another cent of my money.

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Originally posted by Gutpile Charlie:

GC, you may not see it on your end, but I thought you should know you have three Photobucket error messages in one post - your avatar, and two in your signature.

You may want to read Para's suggestion/request on that specific topic.
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I do not give to the RNC, I only donate to the direct campaign of the candidate I want in office.

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Donating to the lottery would be more productive.


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