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I always keep a fresh bottle in my flight bag in the event of a sinus block. I've used them once or twice; it can be a real lifesaver.

I've never known anyone personally who had an "addiction" to afrin. A couple of squirts if needed, done. Usually once the bottle has been opened and used, I'll chuck it and get a sealed one to put back in the bag.

I've been to the ER three times over the years for imploded sinus during a descent from altitude. It's almost debilitatingly painful; afrin is cheap insurance to keep in the bag.
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It's a wonderful product but I'm addicted to it if I use it more than a day or two. I use Flonase, which after three days, seems to work well. If I over use Afrin and develop "Rebound" I continue to use Afrin in one nostril (so I can breathe) while using Flonase in the other. Once the Flonase gets power to the ground I use it in the Afri-canized nostril for three days. At that point I can breathe clearly through both nostrils and I'm able to sleep well at night.


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Well, if you don't want to use Afrin, I figured out a way to clear out your sinuses for probably the next two weeks.

Grind up your yearly harvest of cayenne peppers.


I don't remember it being nearly this bad last year, but I did get a new spice grinder since so that probably created some more powdery powder.

Damn! I feel like I just walked out of the boot camp gas chamber. Eek

Tasty stuff though! Big Grin


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