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Originally posted by PASig:
They may be claiming the EPA is "mandating them" but in reality are just trying to make more money off their customers.

The EPA mandate, that all gas cans made in the US or imported, must meet new standards, went into effect on 2009-01-01. The EPA rules are slightly different than CARB, but manufacturers supposedly can comply with both CARB and EPA with one design. If you enjoy reading the Federal Register, here is the link.
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The Rotopax cans I use on my MC when traveling have those and good lord how I hate them. It is a 50/50 chance you get half the contents in the tank. because when your in the middle of no where who cares about the half gallon of gas that you spill and the 20 miles it could take you.

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I have VP cans that I use to fill my mower, pressure washer, boat (when in the water) and all other sorts of toys.

I have Jerry cans that I use to actually transport fuel.

Of course I take the VP cans to the gas station and fill them there and transport them back...but if I need to transport fuel on an off road trip, or camping, or any type of "rough" transportation, then I'd use the Jerry can. They are tougher and designed for that purpose.

I don't use the jerry cans for filling my gas toys. The VP cans work better and also don't spill fuel.

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During the windstorm and power outage early last month I filled up every available gas can I had including that POS that I use for my weedwacker.

When I got home I topped off the generator with that can, used about a half gallon or so. And off to the shed for storage with the remainder.

Saturday I put the battery back in the lawn tractor. Saw that the fuel level was low, so I grabbed that can, about a gallon left in it. I tipped it into the tractor's tank and before I could reach down to twist the shutoff, out poured gasoline. Apparently after the last usage the valve stuck in the open position. I released the fill nozzle but did not notice that the can remained in the open position after I stopped pouring fuel.

So open container of gasoline, evaporates into the air, good job EPA.

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Looks like these might have have a normal nozzle. Signing up to purchase just involves email address. Got alerted to this this morning. Red ones are already sold out.
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Just a cautionary tale, I bought some Nato "style" jerry cans that were piss poor cheaply made. Notice the difference in height between the red and green handles in the yugster photo above? The green has a lot less. My shit ones were like that. My buddy took me out on his boat in the bay to go crabbing. I gave him a 5 gallon can filled with non-ethonol gas to say thanks. He left it at his place at the coast and the next time he went down it had leaked at the weld and was near empty. Not so his garage:-(

I immediately retired my shit cans (I shitcanned the shit cans) and spent the money for the Deutch Optics cans that they had made in Poland. Those are excellent.

I keep them filled with non-ethonol gas that I've put PRI-G in and rotate it every 6 months or so.

They still have some it appears. They also had some made out of stainless steel that they want $199 for.

Atlantic British use to have the old style cans as well.
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