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Well, at least you didn't give them four dollars and a penny; they would still be trying to figure it out.

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This is one of the reasons cash will go away at some point.
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I was rummaging through my dresser the other day and noticed I had a few $2 bills. What would they do with that?

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Are there classes in high school explaining the various denominations, and if so, do we really expect them to be remembered two years later

We covered that at Jane Peabody Elementary School back in the 1960s. I think probably around 5th grade. I still remember it 57 years later.

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Originally posted by Kevbo:
Are people really this dumb?

Learned this stuff at a VERY early age. I remember workbooks before I was in Kindergarten and then again IN Kindergarten that had pictures of all the currency denominations to include the Kennedy half dollar. This nation is RIFE with idiotic dolts running around breeding like rabbits.

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This is one of the reasons cash will go away at some point.

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in the middle 80"s was on a work location in that left-coast state (calif.) went to a big box hardware store..handed the clerk a $100 dollar bill..$59.50 cost of product--clerk looked at it like a deer in the headlights.. after calling 3 other cashiers and the store manager finally was able to complete the transaction...computers are going to be the ruination of us all. some can not think for themselves.......and these people are supposed to be our future leaders--GOD HELP US. if you are old enough to remember when the russian leader stood in front of the UNITED NATIONS and with his shoe pounding the podium "WE WILL BURY YOU FROM WITHIN WITHOUT FIRING A SHOT"------
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$2 bills you actually have a pretty good chance of people knowing in this area because they are still given as change at Monticello and various places around Charlottesville, so they aren’t impossible

I got the halves as change. Guy mentioned in passing there was no extra space for them in the tray, so they were in with the quarters and he was worried someone wouldn’t be paying attention and hand them out. He had 4, so I took them all.

If he was worried about them getting confused with quarters it’s good they didn’t have any Susan b Anthony dollars!


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What makes it even sadder-the cashier types in the amount tendered. The amount to be given in change is displayed in big numbers right on the screen. And yes, I was taught currency and coins in first grade. Had a workbook with drawings and everything. We didn't have any money back then, so we considered it important.
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the room together.
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There was a news story where the store called the police when a customer paid with fake money. The fake money was a standard, real, $2 bill. If I’m not mistaken, even the cops were about to arrest the customer for fake money. I think it took a Sgt to educate everyone that yes, $2 bills are real, legal tender.

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I get 2 dollar bills all the time , at the bank, I carry them for tips for the wait staff.

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