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Supposedly they farm out their work to a local repair guy. I guess we shall see how good he is. They are insured and their website says satisfaction gaurunteed...we’ll see if that’s worth more than just words. As for the stairs yes they have 2 turns...almost S shaped which is why I hired “professionals.” Roll Eyes

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Trusting your castle to a professional certainly doesn't mean you give an open door to "whatever".
It's a beautiful space with great detail work.
My hope is that they get back, quickly, with *quality* repair personnel, (and NOT the crew that damaged your place, stepping to do the repairs) and get everything right with the world.

Sucks that it happened.
I'm sure I won't be the only one here that will hope to see pics of your castle, restored.

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Nice crib!
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safe & sound
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The machine that we use to move safes would not go up that staircase without having it, the safe, or both into the walls and railing. I would have constructed three temporary landing extensions to buy us some additional space. I would have been closer to $750 when it was all said and done.

Generally when people envision a safe move they look at it as if it's a refrigerator or a couch. We can't lift, twist, and pivot a safe like you can lighter objects. Since the machine is moving at an angle, it also creates a much larger footprint than most expect.

To run a safe "normally" we need the width of the safe plus 12" on any downhill side, and the width of the safe plus 24" on any uphill side. You start tossing in twists and turns and it complicates things quickly. Landing areas shorter than those above do as well.

Whomever moved that for you should have been aware of all of those issues and had that discussion with you upfront.

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I have been using a Piano moving company for the past 25 years - without incident. They laugh when I tell them it will be a challenge each time I get a new safe, or move.
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After it is all said and done I guess you have to weigh the repairs (which albeit quite a few are minor/easy to do) against paying a bunch more money to protect and do it right or try to without incident.
No easy feat to move a big heavy summbich up dainty wooden stairs but perhaps they could have taken some more precautions.
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don't Yelp it right away , wait to see if they fix everything first.
I wonder if $300.00
will get all the damage fixed to your satisfaction?

that would bring the total up to what it really should have been charged

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