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I’ll start by saying that I’m just not a fan of Japanese cars. We’ve owned one, a mid-80s Camry and found it capable, but uninspired. The new Supra seems to have really brought the wrath of many or most, Toyota (or at least Supra) fans. Not having any emotional attachment to the marque, I can say that I kinda like the looks of the new Supra. Someone posted that it carries a $50k pricetag. Do I like it $50,000 worth? Nuh uh

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I love the new Yaris(even if it is a Mazda) and Camry. I’m around them every day at work too (Toyota dealer) So if anyone was going to get sick of looking at these cars it’d be me hah.

The only Toyotas I don’t like the looks of are the highlander and RAV4.

The Avalon is one sexy looking cruise missile to me. The 300hp V6 and aggressive looks make for a pretty awesome sedan in my eyes. Wish I could afford one.

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I agree it's awful. Eek
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Well, I am a Toyota owner currently but both were before the Toyota designers lost their minds with these ridiculous looking front ends. They both have been absolutely trouble free, great vehicles (05 Solara and 2012 Sienna) I will eventually need to replace the 2 that I own but it will not be a Toyota until they ditch these stupid designs!

Fugly is such an inadequate term for what these designs are!!
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For real?
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Watched some of the videos. The interior is pretty much a straight BMW parts bin lift. It even has BMW’s iDrive system that’s exactly in my car now. Lol. Still not a fan. The engine I like but I don’t understand why Toyota is using the 335hp version. They should use the 382hp version.

There’s a BMW drive event coming soon to my area, I’m going to sign up and try out that engine.

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Apparently Chevy likes the look too, the new Blazer front-end looks a lot like a Lexus.
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I dont like the look, therefore i wont buy one.
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Originally posted by David Lee:
[. I've seen several of the Lotus cars and still dont know who makes them. Just that they are powered by two different 4 cylinders.

Lotus is made by Lotus,

they use the Toyota motor for US sales, and a Euro made motor (Cannot remember who it is made by) for the Euro spec cars

would love to have one,
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