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Just paying some bills and one won't go through. That's when I notice this.

"Please select a weekday for your payment. A weekend date cannot be selected."

Apparently the banking computer doesn't work on the weekends! The bank computers must have unionized. The International Brotherhood of Banking Computers Local 10110101101011110 Wink

I dunno... I'm on the system right now and it seems to be working. Why can't I pay you now? That's a new one for me. I've seen then usual one, your payment won't count until tomorrow because it's after 5pm or whatever, but never this one.

"Yeah we know you paid us, but we're not going to let it count for two days. We know you're using the modern technological marvel that is the home computer and all, but we still like following banking policies from the 1800's because it makes us extra money!"

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In this electronic system age, the "business day excuse" is getting old. How much of this shit requires an actual human's interaction on a work day?


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My bank pays most vendors 7 days per week electronically. A few are mailed an old fashioned check week days only.
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I've seen it where you schedule it for a weekend delivery and it automatically pulls it to Friday for you.

It's stupid that they didn't think this situation won't come up and just program it away instead of giving you a no-go message.

I would give them feedback. It's worked for me in the past.

Last time was with Schwab and their monthly statements. I have several accounts. The issue is the page to click on the statements is ordered by account name then date. Some accounts if no transactions occurred don't generate a statement.

I keep waiting for the latest statements to show up but I don't see them. I stop at the account where the date is old because no statement has been generated. When I figured out the problem that the statements have been there except down in the page, I blew up. Some stupid computer geek decided to sort in order of column starting with the name instead of the statement date.

They did change the way the reports are sorted and someone called me about it. It was fixed fairly quickly after I submitted the feedback.

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