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Originally posted by AZSigs:
Originally posted by jljones:
It's our fault, you know. We keep suing drug companies to blame them for all of societies woes. I often think that when a state sues blaming a company for rampant pill abuse, that company should simply say "see you" and not do business in that state any longer.

Eventually, we might wise up.

The FDA also continues to raise the regulatory bar continuously for manufacturing plants. Some pharma co's have burned their manuf facility for a specific product to the ground and rebuilt to FDA standards only to have FDA make new standards that were too hard to meet. The co just shut down the plant and sold it. Several co's have stopped producing drugs because the cost to continually upgrade and make the drug wasn't economically feasible. Because of this America looks to Europe to fulfill some of their pharmaceutical needs. (Anesthetics, sedatives, paralytics)

Man, that's even worse.

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Interesting topic. My wife is a Type 1 diabetic. She receives her insulin through the mail in a 30 day supply. Sometimes the strength of the insulin diminishes after about 20 days or so to the point where she has to call the supplier and get an emergency order shipped overnight to her or even go into a pharmacy and pick it up. I will have to do more research on this. Thanks for posting it.
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If I recall correctly Kaiser did not permit Pharma reps to detail the physicians. Thanks for the information above.

That’s true; and then they developed an internal detailing with pharmacists talking to staff meetings.

Also they discouraged “drug dinners” unless they were associated with non-commercial “expert” speakers.

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Old news. I recall India being big in Generic Drugs back in the 80's. As U.S. Drug MFG patents expired the Indian's were ready to flood the U.S. market with cheaper versions (both price and quality), which basically kills the U.S. MFG of that drug. Same complaints about poor quality of generics back then.

What Indian Generics are doing to U.S. Drug makers and consumers, is what India is doing to U.S. IT industry.

If it is all about labour costs, whether that quality of labour is better or worse, no one can compete with China and India. Too much a supply of Labour at extreme low costs.

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