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My PC bricked this past week. Lost my file which contained mappings of account, account name, email and password hints.

I have an older version that can get me started but I recently did a re-mapping after consolidating onto a single mail service provider (away from 2 that keep having issues and security breaches).

I need to back up that file each time I change it.

Luckily, I can still access here Smile

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Feel your pain. I am out of town for training, all the class material and testing is done electronically. So on Monday I get told my Migration is due in the morning. It failed. My work pc, email, and even work network access have been inaccessible since Tuesday. I am basically sitting in class watching other people search through files and looking over shoulders during labs. Three quizzes so far and I haven't taken one. Basically wasted training. The company solution since there are issues country-wide is a conference call todaywith everyone having issues and three people answering questions with occasional side phone calls. It's a madhouse.
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