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Originally posted by jljones:
There's a little thing called visual estimation that is one of the key indices of speed enforcement. Usually the first contact with the car is the visual. The officer observes the car for a period, usually 300' if possible. During that time, he already knows the approximate speed of the vehicle. The radar is just the verification of the visual estimation. And in some states, the court document.

I did several ride alongs with Mont. Co. (MD) motor officers when they were in their squad cars. Those guys are excellent at estimates, because they are dedicated traffic officers. Traffic is all they do. They literally use the radar to validate their visual estimate, and are almost always dead on with the visual, if not 1 mph off. It truly amazed me.

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That the law allows the enforcers to ignore or break the law to enforce the law is unbelievably absurd in many cases, and wholly unnecessary, and largely indefensible.

Sure, there are exceptions, times when it really does benefit society to allow such egregious double standards, but these exceptions are far, far fewer than what is allowed to happen.

And I get it. It's a hard job. Often underpaid and thankless, sometimes dangerous. You need and want tools, or things to make the job easier. But this is not the best or right way.

If we're going to have a bunch of rules, let's at least apply and enforce them consistently.

Some dude once wrote: "We hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal...". Maybe you've heard of it? Pretty famous stuff. And entirely unambiguous.
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In case it hasn't already been said, the cop's speeding to catch up to you because you were speeding won't work as a defense. Razz However. When not actively engaged on a call, they still have to obey the same traffic laws as the rest of us. Don't tell me this isn't abused at times.
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Sounds like you are advocating summons being issued summons for a few miles over.

You might want to check the state statutes that exempt units from the speed limits when involved in a enforcement. Chasing down a speeder involves exceeding the speed limit.

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All this hand-wringing. Honestly, I would rather find myself behind a cop on the interstate in a marked cruiser who's doing 5-10 over than a cop doing the exact speed limit, or, as I encountered a year ago, a cop doing five under in the left lane of a two-lane highway in an unmarked blacked-out Explorer and waited until someone tailgated the shit out of him to run the lights for a few seconds, nearly causing a panic pileup of the three cars between us that all suddenly slammed on their brakes.

Exhibit A has somewhere to go and realizes the rest of us do also and isn't going to waste anyone's time unless someone starts driving stupidly enough to warrant it.

Exhibit B is there to set the flow of traffic at a nice, slow, ultra-legal pace.

Exhibit A is a good guy.

Exhibit B is a shithead.

This, coming from the son of two LEO's who did the traffic cop thing. I know you guys get complaints about certain stretches of road and in addition to sitting radar, also lap those stretches setting the pace. But you can tell the decent cops from the shit cops by how they do it. I don't need to see police doing the exact speed limit because hey, if you fuck up while speeding, it's your ass and you know it. My old man was Border Patrol and got stopped by Texas Highway Patrol roaring down some dusty nothing road in between shifts. Old man said "hey, how 'bout a little professional courtesy here" and the Patrolman leaned a little closer and said "I don't smuggle illegal aliens and you don't speed on my highways. How 'bout that for professional courtesy?" Wrote him for speed over and went on his way. One of my favorite stories of the old man getting bumped down a notch.
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The veterans plate on my motorcycle has saved me from at least three tickets. That and being polite.
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Out of maybe 100 or more times passing an officer while I was going 10ish over, I've been pulled over twice. Both times I was given a verbal warning. Both times I strongly suspect that speeding gave them a reason to pull me over, but they were hoping to find something else.

I fail to see a double standard when 10ish over isn't enforced and an officer goes 10ish over. I appreciate when an officer doesn't hold up traffic by going exactly the speed limit on the freeway and cause a multilane slow down with a bunch of idiots jockeying for position, but not having the balls to pass the officer. I have been known to pass these officers at 5 over to avoid this.

At 18 over, I would expect to be pulled over each and every time.
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