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God damn this hurts to write. My 6 year old ginger cat has lymphoma, the really bad kind. We adopted her from a shelter in 2014 when she was 6 months old.

She has been my constant companion. Even with heroic efforts of chemo there is no cure, and best case buying at 6-9 months, which I'm not financially able to handle. Just got the surgical biopsy results.

Without aggressive treatment she might have 30 days, and it won't be a good 30 days. I'm so not ready to say goodbye to this one.

Heartbroken. She is so awesome. I was so hopeful that maybe it was an infection, or something other than the worst-case news. But, here we are. With a rough few days ahead. I know what I have to do, but I so don't want to.

My Molly.

Link to original video:

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So sorry to hear your news.

There is nothing more to be said, but to hope the passing is pain free and not drawn out.

Anyone who has an ounce of soul knows that losing a pet takes part of you with it.
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You gave her good years of love and happy life.

She gave you joy in return.

I know that does not diminish the pain, but hope that you can remember the joy that you and she have shared.

It is no small thing to have shared what you have.

I am sorry for your anguish.

That fur lined hole in the heart, is most difficult, when unoccupied.

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That is terrible news. I am so sorry to hear this.

I pray that the time she has remaining is pain free.
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A fine cat! My condolences.

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So sorry to hear.


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So sorry to hear this.
You gave her a good life, and you will do right with her.
May you find comfort in the days to come.

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My sincere condolences.
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fwbulldog, God my heart goes out to you and sweet Molly, that sadness is so heavy it breaks my heart and to hear her purring tears me up. What a sweet, sweet, girl and will be greatly missed. Godspeed Molly, you have many waiting on the other side of the bridge to welcome you home...

Regards, Will G.
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So sorry to hear this. We had a cat with some type of cancer several years ago. It tore us up but he had 10 good years with us. Three months later, I found one of our current cats abandoned and injured on the side of the road. When one door closes....

As Sigmonkey said above, you gave her the life that she needed and she will be forever grateful. Love her, grieve for her, and remember her. After a while, perhaps you can do the same again for another kitty that needs help.
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Terrible to hear, so very sorry. We just lost a guy in a fast and shocking manner. A rare disease, from is he sick to passed in three weeks. The saddest day of my life.

Even at that I wonder if we pushed it too long. Years ago we kept a sick guy going way past reasonable. Talking to the vet we said he still responds well to us, purring and snuggling. The vet says that doesn't mean he isn't in pain. As bad as we felt, that made us feel worse.

The good times and love you've had with Molly will always be.

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so sorry.
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So sorry to hear - it's awful to get news that a beloved pet must be put down.
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Sorry this is happening.
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I'm so sad to hear of this, fwbulldog Frown

We've had nearly the same thing happen with two very young cats, both, like your Molly, just the sweetest cats you could ever hope to know. The latest was my Tabitha, a cat that took to me the instant we laid eyes upon one another and loved me to pieces. I grieved for her for days, and sometimes still do.

I understand your pain all too well.

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I am sorry to read this.

My heart goes out to you. I had sisters from the same litter, and lost the beta female, Echo, to cancer. At diagnosis, vet said things were going to get ugly fast and I needed to make a decision sooner rather than later. In hindsight, one of the smartest things I did was schedule the traveling vet for the next day which meant:
  • I was able to spend a whole day with Echo. My last day with Echo she was sick but not ugly sick. I'm comforted that Echo was happy (she was a happy go lucky cat) and comfortable when she passed and I didn't wait too long.
  • I shut the alpha female, Splash, in the bathroom before the traveling vet arrived (i.e. Splash didn't see how Echo passed away). After Echo passed, I had the traveling vet step outside and let Splash see her deceased sister. I had read stories of the sibling crying for weeks while looking for their missing sibling. Splash was sad that Echo passed but at least she knew and got on with her life.
  • It happened at home and no trip to the vet. Splash was already an unruly patient at the vet, and I was concerned that her vet antics would worsen if she knew a vet euthanized Echo.

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    Rough break. My sympathies.
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    So sorry for your situation. I do not envy you while you go through this.

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    Bulldog, sorry to hear about your cat Molly.

    I couldn't post earlier today because your story reminded me about losing our 18-year old dachshund Jacks last week.

    He had 4 seizures that day, it was utterly horrible, and we could not get him to ANY vet with any urgency. After the 4th one he was in horrible pain and my wife let our regular vet "have it" and simply told them I was on the way.

    All I can recommend is you follow Tatortodds suggestion and schedule it. Don't wait. Let your last day be as pain free as possible for Molly while also allowing you to mentally prepare.

    And if I may, I wanted Jacks last vision, touch, voice, to be mine before he went to permanent slumber. I heartily recommend the same for both of your sakes.
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    My absolute, heartfelt condolences. Frown

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