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No, I went to a wedding. Ugh.

Why on earth do they make the music so loud? So much so you have to yell to the person next to you. I ordered my dinner at random because I couldn't understand a word the waiter was saying. The third sentence of indistigushable menu options , I thought I might have hear the word "chicken", so I said sure.

And I only spent about half the time in the main room with the music as should have, it was physically painful for me. I was cringing to the beat. Because I was "dressed up" I didn't have the normal contents of my pants pockets, which always contains earplugs.

No, I'm not an old fart. I've been this way since I was a child. Big Grin
I used to wear ear muffs to shoot cap guns as a kid. I hate fireworks.
I wear earplugs for just about everyone, just running a vacuum cleaner.
Sound funny coming from someone who's spent a lifetime around gunfire.

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It is called hyperacusis. Google it.
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It is terrible, I'm with you. That's the only part of the wedding that is actually enjoyable for guests (barring immediate family who obviously enjoy the ceremony). Don't screw it up and prevent people from talking to each other! Especially when you put me at a table with people I don't know well and need to be able to hear to make actual conversation!

And get off my damn lawn!
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We had two family weddings in 2016, and both receptions were like that - the music was so load you couldn't converse even if you yelled. I have hearing loss - I had to take my hearing aids out, and the music was still WAY too loud. There's no way I could make out any words anyone else spoke.

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I just left a wedding reception 30 minutes ago. I suspect the OP and I are older than the principals.
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Right there with you cas. I was never a big concert guy, I pretty much always shot with ear protection except when deer hunting. I did cut a few yards over a few summers to help buy my own car when I turned 16. One day in high school, I woke up and my ears haven't stopped ringing since. I really don't know what to attribute it to because i wouldn't say that i've put my ears through that much damage. But, since then, I'm the goober that wears earplugs for everything. Concerts I'm forced to go to, Weddings I'm forced to go to, sometimes vacuuming, using any kind of power tools heck I even through on some ear muffs after my kid was born because he would be screaming at the top of his lungs as I held him, haha. Hopefully the ringing and pain will stop shortly. Good luck and start keeping foamies in your wallet like I do. Smile

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Originally posted by JohnV:
start keeping foamies in your wallet like I do.
Foamies? Is that what they're calling them now?

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One of my grandkids had this same problem.
Everything was too loud. His father is a Doctor and he and my daughter took him to a specialist. They operated on his ears and he is a whole lot better. Now, very few things are too loud.
His dads dad suggested taking him to Chucky Cheese for his birthday, but his dad said that it would still be too loud for him.
Maybe you need to see a specialist?

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We also went to a wedding this weekend. The music was awful. Too loud, but even worse, just bad music. Just idiot DJ music that middle class white people think is good to dance to. Boring and obnoxious.

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My son has always been super sound sensitive. He can also hear you from across the house like he is Clark Kent or something. He has a pair of shooting muffs that he uses. One of the reasons I want a suppressor for my .22, he would never handle the noise from shooting at a range.

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My ears are still ringing.

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Well, since no one else has said it,
Big Grin

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"It honestly doesn't occur to them. They've all got the vote, so they all pretty much assume that the government they've voted in more or less approximates the government they want."
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That is interesting, I didn't know about that. I have the same thing. I use hearing protection when vacuuming, mowing the lawn, and even opening and closing the closure snaps on one of my plastic toolboxes. Weird. When cutting grass, it still hurts a little even with 29 db gun muffs, then after that, the tinnitus is louder for a while. I also have trouble hearing TV when everyone else can hear it fine, and I have some difficulty with normal conversation if there's any background noise, however minimal. At some point I will need to go back to the audiologist for some hearing aids, BEFORE it's too late for the brain to take advantage on them, whether that's completely true or not I don't know.

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