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The advertisement you placed for your vehicle means NOTHING WHEN YOU DO NOT LIST THE MILEAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Soren Kierkegaard
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Usually, if they don't list the mileage, it's because it's HIGH
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My beef is with the ones that don't list the price because they are asking too much. Do you think you are going to talk me into it if I call or do you just like to respond to inquiries?

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It's even more fun on Craigslist when the tards enter 250 instead of 250,000 miles. If you run a search for low mileage vehicles all of these erroneous listings come up as under your parameter when they're actually way over.

But, but ... they're "highway" miles. When the steering wheel, drivers seat and brake pedal pad look like clothing props from Oliver Twist it usually doesn't bode well for the rest of the vehicle.

Any listing without mileage is actually a blessing: it lets you know the mileage is stupid high and/or the seller is high and stupid.

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I Am The Walrus
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Or when they refuse to talk price other than in person. Always trying to get you in to beat you down. I'm referring to dealership practices.

To my limited knowledge, parts and service make more money than sales so why wouldn't a dealership try to sell as many cars as possible? Make the buying process less painful to sell more cars that come back for service. But instead they want to make the buying process as painful as possible and lose a customer for life.


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