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Pissing me off. Fart in the wrong direction and it’s doctors and paperwork. I’m waiting for the CDL permit for Advil.
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Yep. Logbook was off 45 minutes once last year. Only thing in the last 18 years. $700 ticket to California, and now insurance is going up another $500 to nearly $10,000 a year.

Screw it. Let everybody pay a dollar per pound for shipping. This society deserves it. You want European regulations (and costs), you got it.

After driving up costs due to regulations, the government will later open an investigation about price gouging in the trucking industry.

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Want some real fun? I’m a Type 1 diabetic applying for one.

Last time I looked, there are ~247 others in the nation that have the required medical waiver.


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Aviation medical certificate. Don't get me started. Mad

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Don't go in for a fed med physical without the expectation that you will be required to do a sleep apnea test, take home or overnight in a sleep study.

In the past 6 years our company of aprx. 60 drivers has seen the push for this testing increase. I could understand a few here or there but not more than 3/4 of them every physical.

I see this as either a money scam from the examiners or the intentional push to eliminate drivers through medical restriction/harassment. Some people just won't take the tests, others don't trust the results, and it's driving the costs of licensing up.
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So I have a question about that... hypothetically speaking.
Say I have high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, and diagnosed sleep apnea.
Am taking medication for the first two, and sleep with the mask every night, no exceptions.
In other words, am being treated for these conditions.
Could I get a CDL?

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if your doctor believes that it’s all under control they might sign off on it.
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