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Originally posted by Muddflap:
I like long books with short chapters.
I like to read after I go to bed, and if the chapters are around 30 pages long, that’s just about right. I hate to stop before the end of a chapter.

Yeah, I hear you there. The only exception to this being with certain authors who leave every chapter as a cliff-hanger. Tim Dorsey is a good example of this. I rarely finish a chapter with him where I don't immediately want to find out what's going on and go ahead and turn the page. Thankfully, he likes to jump around between characters a fair bit, so one chapter will end as a cliff-hanger and the next will pick up someone else in the storyline and I can feel ok about placing a bookmark and turning off the light. Razz
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I would agree and have reread my favorites 10s of times.

The only exception was a book on the 900+ day siege of Stalingrad, it was literally the daily dispatches. It was so dry I would fall asleep after 3-5 pages..

The gulag archipelago was a close 2nd
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Just finished three audiobooks on the space program in the past month, dam good. I have six more lined up in Audible.
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