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Good restaurants. That was about it for me.


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My one visit to the area (early 1990's) did not include SF, because it rained the whole time. My wife's older sister is one of the last of the original Berkeley hippie/rebels, and she and her husband live in the hills of Berkeley. Wonderful view of the bay area, but that's as close as I got to SF. One nice thing about the visit was an after hours tour of the Lawrence Berkeley Lab electron microscopy department. BIL is head of that department.
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I was stationed north of SF in 1980 I hated the place then I guess I am just a hater...VI
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Originally posted by braillediver:
Originally posted by DennisM:
There were some really cool things about San Francisco back then

Seems most people love california (40 years ago).

Yup, I did in 1973 +/- 3 months. Apartment in Oakland and made the drive out to Treasure Island each day. It was an absolutely spectacular drive...Golden Gate Bridge enshrouded by fog, beautiful weather, etc. Frequent visits to Fishermen's Wharf, Chinatown, Buena Vista Irish coffees. It was a fun and unusual city. Better Chinese food up in Richmond but still had a few good meals in SF. Landlord belonged to the Playboy Club.

Today? Wouldn't live there on a dare. Too damned bad what's happened there.

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SF is my favorite town. To visit. But I wouldn't live there.
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I just love the smell of urine while walking down the sidewalk to find lunch.

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I have to agree, but damn Nob Hill is a nice area and where I usually like to stay.

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