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I'm feeling traumatized, maybe even diagnosable as PTSD. I think I need to start taking my Akita to work for my emotional support and protection from the emotionally supporting animals of others.
Emotional support reticulated pythons give the best hugs. Patient brings in 5 lb wire hair covered rat/dog and your emotional support animal can give it a little love. Patient wants to wrestle y'all and your emotional support animal can wrestle in your place. Big Grin

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Agree with the emotional support dog ban. I use Home Depot for training down stays and sit to greet. Then I change it up and go to Jax, local Hdwe store for more. Abbie is 50 pounds now and needs repetitions. I don't use Petsmart or Petco because they are full of idiots and uncontrolled dogs.

BTW I asked the forum about training Abbie to experience gunshots. It worked! She was in the truck at the trap range for a half an hour, then she curled up and went to sleep.

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Who was the pilot that posted about the boarding of an English rock-n-roller passenger that had an emotional support dog for his emotional support bulldog? Dang, I laughed long and hard at that.

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I take my mini schnauzer for a 1.5 mile walk to Lowe’s occasionally. Stick her in the bascart while shopping, then walk home. A walk, socialization, and an errand all in one. But if you get to close to her, she may bark, and petting her may get you licked. So I appreciate the pets ok policy at Lowe’s. But the whole emotional support pet another story.
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It's not just emotional support animals. Apparently it's fashionable to have emotional disorders that cause immature behavior after being "triggered" - but since it has a label (chatted with an HSP the other day, damn) then "it's just the way I am, and you have to validate me".
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Originally posted by Bisleyblackhawk:...

Or a turkey...if the keeping them wet all the time poses a problem...

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Originally posted by 2000Z-71:
...Aussie Shepherd that would alert his owner about blood sugar levels. How the dog can sense that I have no idea.

They can smell the change in body chemistry.

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Originally posted by arfmel:
Coming through the Denver Airport I saw a woman's emotional support angora rat/dog take an emotional support gronk on the carpet in the Terminal. It was so special.

That's reason to kick it out.

From the ADA:
"(Emotional support animals)not covered by federal laws protecting the use of service animals. Therapy animals provide people with therapeutic contact, usually in a clinical setting, to improve their physical, social, emotional, and/or cognitive functioning." Notice the word "Clnical."

"The handler is responsible for the care and supervision of his or her service animal. If a service animal behaves in an unacceptable way and the person with a disability does not control the animal, a business or other entity does not have to allow the animal onto its premises. Uncontrolled barking, jumping on other people, or running away from the handler are examples of unacceptable behavior for a service animal. A business has the right to deny access to a dog that disrupts their business. For example, a service dog that barks repeatedly and disrupts another patron’s enjoyment of a movie could be asked to leave the theater. Businesses, public programs, and transportation providers may exclude a service animal when the animal’s behavior poses a direct threat to the health or safety of others. If a service animal is growling at other shoppers at a grocery store, the handler may be asked to remove the animal."

Emotional support animals are not service dogs. They have no special access rights.
Got nipped? Contact animal control and make a bite report.

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This past Monday I was working in Miami and was staying in a hotel next to a Publix grocery store. I went in to buy some bottled water and Aleve. As I was walking in, a man was walking out with a large unleashed shepard mix. The dog looked kind of rough and only had one ear. For some reason the dog seemed to like me and came towards me wagging his tale. I guess the man didn't like that, so he yelled something at it in spanish and the dog veered back towards the man.

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I will without shame admit to once being part of an abuse of the service animal regs. In 2002, my wife (via her police dog list) learned of a retired police K9 in FL who had been abandoned by his handler, just dropped off at the shelter Mad
My wife, being an experienced handler, took steps to adopt this dog. There were some hurdles, such as getting him from FL to MD. It finally worked out that the shelter lady in FL flew Major to MD, and he wore a service dog vest in the cabin, even though he was retired. I fondly recall seeing him coming up the exit ramp at BWI, and later learned he had received a standing ovation as he left the plane.
Major was able to enjoy the final 5 months of his life before suffering a stroke and passing over. He certainly did love people, here sucking up to me:

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Well, a dog that has performed such noble duty and suffering from PTSD had legitimate need of a support human.

I got no bitch.

And thanks for making his EOW an easyier one.

"the meaning of life, is to give life meaning" I could explain it to you, but I can't understand it for you.
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Originally posted by Kevmo:
Originally posted by sandman76:
Home Depot. What the fuck is it with people bringing their dogs into Home Depot all the time?

I am guilty of taking one of the dogs I rescued into Home Depot/Lowes. She was horribly abused and left in the shelter to die and I have worked on socializing her and getting her to trust people again. That said, I only do this if I go early AM when store is not crowded and keep her on a really short leash. I also do no pretend she is a service dog and have never passed her off as such.

If I understand correctly one can obtain a fake service dog cert for about $100 which included a phone evaluation by a fake shrink. My stepson has a next door neighbor who brags that he did this to avoid having to pay a pet deposit at apt building

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Home Depot is “dog friendly”. There’s a difference between stores or businesses that allow those of us with a dog that’s leashed and well behaved to visit their establishment vs these dickheads who believe they have a right to take their “emotional” or “fake” service dog any and everywhere they want.

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I take my guy with me to many places that are dog friendly. I do it for a couple of reasons, one - he needs lots of socialization. two- he is a good rep for the rescue that works with his breed (Echo Dogs- White German Shepard rescue). I have had people chase me down to pet him and learn about his breed.

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My 28' 380 lb support anaconda is unwelcome wherever we go.
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henryaz, I don't really like dogs (doing utility work, you deal with a lot of shitty humans and their shitty animals), but I would give up my seat for that dog.

I'm glad you and your wife gave Major a short but sweet retirement.
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