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I got a VA loan 8 months ago and every day I receive urgent notices that I can get cash out and cut my payment. The small print is a cash out balloon loan. Why is this predatory lending allowed? I am not sure who sold my details, I assume its the county.
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More than likely public record, I get the same mailings

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After I received my VA loan on my mortgage I was bombarded with mailings offering to refinance, take out a second mortgage, home improvement loans etc. I normally just throw anything that looks like junk mail in the shredder. I have no idea who sold my info, could be any number of culprits from the VA, county, township or maybe even the state. Its certainly a nuisance but no more than all the other junk mail I receive.
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Your loan got you on a mailing list. I think credit reporting agencies sell them as well. Credit solicitations typically have a phone number you can call to "opt out" of such mail. I did it and they gradually tapered off and stopped altogether.
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I think I get VA home loan solicitations at least monthly, probably. I checked my credit report the other day, and there are lots of "soft" inquiries from mortgage companies I've never heard of such as Embrace Home Loans, Great Plains National Mortgage and Home Point Financial. They are listed as "promotional inquires." I assume they're related to the crap I get in the mail. I don't bother reading any of them since I'm not in the market for a loan, and our interest rate is as low as I'm going to get, so I have no idea of their proposed terms and whether or not they are predatory lenders. I think I get mail from NewDay USA the most but didn't see them on my report for any promotional inquiries. Their commercials always irritate me for some reason.

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Monthly, hell I get 1 or 2 a week.

Grand offers of lowering my payment and putting cash in my pocket. Gee, how does that work when you quote a 4%+ rate when my current rate is 3.25%?

Oh, by restarting at 30 years a loan I am 5 years into and have been making additional payments on.

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Predatory is a bit of an exaggeration, don't you think? Toss 'em and forget it.

Predatory is B of A foreclosing in "error." An ad is just an ad.
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Those solicitations to us have dropped off, now I get hammered for Reverse Mortgages.

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