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Ugh... what a pain.

My work laptop was acting up so they sent me a new one. Now I'm having to learn the layout and what not. Of course they set it up for me and all the programs are set to defaults. Took forever to get my old one just the way I liked it.

By the time I figure this one out I'm sure it will be time for another upgrade Frown
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Yeah, I'm probably in that boat soon too. Hopefully I'll get the same one. My problem is my laptop password is not synced with the domain, and it's locked down to domain polices, so it won't update the OS without being logged in to the domain. They can't reset it remotely. I was told the next time I'm in the office, it will sync up and everything will be fine.

Well, it's been so long since I've been in an office that the domain it synced up with is no more. So the only way to get it working right is to wipe the drive and start over. Once the quarantine is over for them (Denver, so who knows when?), they will send me a new laptop. I hopefully won't need to re-learn the hardware, but I will have to get everything set up again on the software side.

Ugh. I feel your pain. Or I will soon.

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I use a Mac.Swapping them out is as easy as restoring a backup.
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