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For those that don't know SpotHero is a parking app. You can find and prepay for parking in cities.

I've used it a few times in DC when going to events. This way you know what you have to pay ahead of time and your not driving around trying to find a garage that isn't charging an arm and leg or is full.

So get to the garage I had paid for and it's closed. Call SpotHero customer service. The girl I talked to was very nice BTW. They switch me to another garage nearby and cover the difference in cost. Great until I get there and it's closed also.

I know places have closed because of the current situation but take a few minutes and reach out to your partners and ask them what their new hours are and update your info.

I found an open garage on my own but wasted 30 minutes. The entire reason for using the app was to have a place to park without having to screw around.


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Sorry to hear this.

I haven't used them during the current insanity, but have had zero problems anytime I have ever used them.


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I've also had great luck with them before all this started. You can cancel your reservation up to one minute before it starts with no problem. The one time a garage where I had a reservation refused me because they said they were full, the SpotHero rep found me another garage for less money and refunded the difference. Which leads me to the best part about SpotHero, which is that it's easy to get someone on the phone if there's a problem.
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