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On a scale of "no" peat smoke to "too much" peak smoke, Lagavulin 16 is several notches less smoke than Laphroiag 10... to me, the Lagavulin is a smooth malt. As soon as I empty the bottle I beat a path to the liquor store to get another. I always have it on hand.

But my favorite malt is the Ardbeg Uigeadail... much like the Lagavulin but just a touch deeper. Yes, they both have a hint of iodine flavor... and I love it.


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Originally posted by Gustofer:
I've tried to like the stuff. Can't do it.

I haven't been able to acquire the taste for the peaty stuff. I wasted some good money on stuff I couldn't drink.

That being said, there is some good stuff that I can drink. Highland Park and Glenmorangie have some very palatable offerings. But they tend to be pricey and not really a good value for me.

I've discovered Monkey Shoulder recently. Has a taste I can accept at a reasonable price. It may be disdainful for the purists who have acquired the taste for the better stuff. But I'm happy. Smile

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I concur, they needs real descriptions of what these boozes do, and taste like.

"Sour like a dog's ass. Funnily enough, the last thing I remember before Time Traveling (blacking out) was repeatedly requesting to lick my friend's ass. She declined. I think. I then woke up sans pants, sitting in a pile/puddle of cold chili (it was not chili). 3 out of 5 stars."

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I had this discussion in a tony bar one night. They had a whiskey guy that was like one of the wine uppity wine guys. He couldn't make me understand his descriptions, so he started giving me samples. He actually had a Japanese whiskey that tasted like coffee, some fine Irish stuff I drink when I want to spend the money. (The coffee stuff is 300 a bottle, no way.) I did have to take an Uber home.
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It'll fuck you up for less money.

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I recall, for my 21st birthday, I went out with the family at a fancy local restaurant and we all had dinner in a room surrounded by windowed walls with their liquor stock arranged on the other side. When it was my turn to order the obligatory drink, I asked the waiter what the most expensive liquor in the place was and he pointed to a bottle he said was Louis XIII cognac. I'll have a snifter of that, says I. They bring it out, make a big ceremony of lighting a glass of some other, lesser liquor on fire just to warm up my drink, and present it to me. I believe my exact words were, "That is the smoothest moonshine I've ever had...It tastes like burning." And that, my friends, was when I really started to accept that liquor, even the high-end stuff, just isn't my thing. On the bright side, that just means more for those of you who do appreciate it!

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I once got ship wrecked of the coast of Drambuie

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Bourbon... it tastes like a warm summer day.


Oh, by the way, which one's "Pink?"
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I posted something about his a few months back...
Tewla Moore Dew (sp?) is the best Irish whiskey there is.... like a really smooth bourbon .... but the description that put on the inside of the 12year old box sounds like some pinko wine sipping wimp wrote it... I actually wrote the company and complained about this... they said it was written by 'experts'...
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