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YooperSigs, how cheap is cheap? And are they really any good? Worth buying?
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I just do not want the pillow he is fondling on camera in the commercial...

Gives me the creeps.
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They were on sale for 49 bucks, last time I looked at them. Regular price was 80 bucks! Eek
And I often get a 10 dollar off coupon flyer in the mail from Shopko.
I have never tried the pillow.

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My wife and I ditched the fancy tempurpedic pillows that came with our mattress and bought My Pillows.

Noticeable difference in how fast I fall asleep.

All it all you got.
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There is one commercial where the homeowner opens his wall medicine cabinet and there's the My Pillow guy standing there. All he's missing is the plastic mask a la the Burger King King. Big Grin
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