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Was not Japan the one who said they would fight until the last person is dead?
We just sped things up and made them change that tune.
Besides, they were talking peace in Wash the day before they bombed us, then declared war.

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The Nanjing Massacre, aka Rape of Nanking, was immoral.

Bombing Pearl Harbor - during peace negotiations - was immoral.

The Bataan Death March was immoral.

Unit 731 - their biological warfare division, with data gathered from experimentation on Chinese civilians and Allied POWs - was immoral.

Knowingly putting POWs on ships that were expected to be bombed or torpedoed was immoral, as was welding doors and hatches shut to prevent their escape. If our own planes or subs didn't kill them, heat exhaustion and thirst would have.

But the atomic bombings were immoral. Got it. Roll Eyes

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Japan has found a way to duck responsibly for its actions in WWII. They play the victim card for the bombings.

While building their “victim” role, the issue of “Comfort Women” was denied. These were women in occupied countries that were forced into sexual slavery, required to service dozens of soldiers daily.

“ Meanwhile, women who had been forced into sexual slavery became societal outcasts. Many died of sexually transmitted infections or complications from their violent treatment at the hands of Japanese soldiers; others committed suicide.

For decades, the history of the “comfort women” went undocumented and unnoticed. When the issue was discussed in Japan, it was denied by officials who insisted that “comfort stations” had never existed.

In the years that followed, more and more women came forward to give testimony. In 1993, Japan’s government finallyacknowledged the atrocities. Since then, however, the issue has remained divisive. The Japanese government finallyannounced it would give reparations to surviving Korean “comfort women” in 2015, but after a review, South Korea asked for a stronger apology. Japan recentlycondemned that request—a reminder that the issue remains as much a matter of present foreign relations as past history.”

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