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Last week or so have been wonderful.
Last Friday I left for a manditory 3 hour "leadership training" with my mailbox standing and intact. Leadership training was an absolute waste of time. Some corporate lady shut all our job sites down so we as foreman and lead techs could "learn to be effective leaders"
On top of that the promotion and raise to foremanI was promised in April has been pushed back until October. Meanwhile we hired 2 new foremen one who has 0, zip, nada experience in concrete work. I had to teach him how to mix concrete. I almost quit that day.
I get home Friday night and somebody took out my mailbox post. Dig the old post out and set a new one about 7pm. Figure I'll fill it and set the mailbox Saturday. At about 9pm I got a call asking me to run a lift and do some bridge repair the next morning at 6am. I go and start the project and work Saturday and plan to finish in half a day Sunday. Mailbox still not finished as I got home around 6pm
Sunday I go out and finish out the section of bridge I have to and call my superintendent and he asks for me and my other guy at another site about 30 minutes away. We head up and what a nightmare. They have been at work 6 hours and have no prep work done we end up leaving work at 8:30pm. My wife calls and says the kids have no milk and to get some. Mailbox still not complete
Today I go to work and on the way in the foreman calls and says she won't be in until 10. I get the guys started and it starts raining. One guy goes home. Myself and the 2 other guys powerwash and do some light demo and form building. Foreman shows up and we all get sent home on account of the rain that I told her about at 5am when we talked.
I get home in a pouring rain and there is a squirrel that drowned in my freaking pool. Mailbox is still not complete, it is still raining, my kids are bored as hell cooped up inside all day.
Time for a stiff drink and some breakfast for dinner.
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Hope you had a better day today.
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